Armless Man Pitches for Awareness

Tom Willis hopes to "educate people about the abilities of people with disabilities."
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Transcript for Armless Man Pitches for Awareness
Tom Willis was born without arms -- hands he uses lakes and tonight Willis will take the -- and tossed the ceremonial first pitch. With his speech before the start of the White Sox game against the Detroit Tigers at US field. This is part of his pitch for awareness national -- The -- -- national Torre's -- effort to help educate people about the abilities of people with disabilities. The 53 year old motivational speaker has pitched -- stadiums across the country including San Diego and Washington. I was born with this disability and my mother basically said look we're not gonna give you any specialist and senior member of the family. And you're gonna do everything to everyone else does and that's not treated any differently. Tonight will be as eighteenth pitch ninth -- strikes Willis and got to practice with giving grant park proving anything is possible. With adults -- teach them about turning obstacles -- opportunities. Challenges in the championships and making -- impossible possible. Willis is work has taken White House to Hollywood our affiliate in Washington DC told his story thirty years ago. Now his goal is to pitching every Major League -- And with the kids I try to teach them it's okay to be different let them know that even though they think something's impossible he really -- Basically there are -- out there it's my job my life to figure out how to get around. Willis is looking for a strike tonight -- sales.

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{"id":17229945,"title":"Armless Man Pitches for Awareness","duration":"3:00","description":"Tom Willis hopes to \"educate people about the abilities of people with disabilities.\"","url":"/US/video/armless-man-pitches-awareness-17229945","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}