Arsonists' Plan Blows Up in Their Faces

Arson suspects in North Carolina are burned while trying to torch store.
1:24 | 11/30/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arsonists' Plan Blows Up in Their Faces
There are security cameras in every side of this convenience store and stokes but that didn't stop the culprits they tried to fire bomb this building but instead. They end up running for their lives it's just after 1 AM Tuesday in these four masked men are pouring gasoline into the still smarting grow on highway thirty. They try to get a fire going when their planes literally blow up. But let's go back to see how other planes went up in flames. Here's -- same vantage point from a few minutes earlier three men in black hooded -- is followed by a fourth came towards a store from highway 902. The leaders told us this was definitely gasoline being carefully poured around the entire building. The areas brightly lit the two of the may continue on into the back pouring gas on the back steps. They come to the side of the -- and smash what was a small drive through window and is one of the men is pouring gas through the window inside the store. Another decides to get the boys going and makes -- giant fireball. They'll take off running leaving the fire to burn Buckley the trail -- -- and the -- never ignites. The fire was contained in the back window on the store opened -- back for business in the morning. For now that the county sheriff's office is on the case looking for these arsonists who were burned by their own crime they spoke with the owner's nephew she also works at this already said they hear his uncle have no idea why anybody would try to -- -- place. But he said that their customers have been very supportive ever since they heard the news. Of this attempted arson for now reporting -- -- Mike Malario news channel twelfth.

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{"id":15058511,"title":"Arsonists' Plan Blows Up in Their Faces","duration":"1:24","description":"Arson suspects in North Carolina are burned while trying to torch store.","url":"/US/video/arsonists-plan-blows-up-in-their-faces-15058511","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}