Authorities Attempt to Find Plane Stowaway's Motives

Student who hid in wheel-well might have been trying to run away after fight at home.
6:17 | 04/22/14

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Transcript for Authorities Attempt to Find Plane Stowaway's Motives
This is a special group. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York a miracle over the Pacific a -- survives a flight from San Jose all the way to Hawaii. But how exactly did he get there. The miracle is still a mystery with more now we're joined from Santa Clara California by KG goes -- in locating. Michelle here at the family home in Santa Clara and from time to time we have seen people peeking out through -- windows here so we know someone's at home but we haven't seen anyone. Com -- go from the house meanwhile Santa Clara high school is a beehive of activity students they are buzzing. With the fact that this went to their school even though they admit they didn't really know -- What was he. I'm thinking. So that's pretty crazy seventeen year old Samantha Hodges and her brother Robert are well aware of the -- still wait teen goes to Santa Clara high school with them. But admit they don't know exactly who we is I just can't believe he got. That -- Able to get into the -- he thinks period beyond that the -- he -- was -- -- -- the FBI says they do not believe that was the teens intended destination. That it was simply the playing close to the fence where he -- on airport property. -- media reports he was trying to get to relatives in Africa. It's quiet and the family home in Santa -- where the -- lives with his parents and three siblings. A sister refuting reports that her brother and parents fought before he ran away. Neighbors don't know what to make of it. -- is okay. And let's look at -- there's more of the story that we haven't heard yet. Neighbors say the family is only lived on the street a few months and that the dad drives a cab -- accounts the family is nice and quiet. The principle of Santa -- high school only confirmed the teen is a student in the district and says the district is ready for his return. We can't release any confidential information about students. That he is going to be provided. Support by counselors and psychologists upon his return to the district. And when will -- -- -- we just don't have any information on that at this point Michelle. Katie do we have any idea where the teen is now -- -- he -- -- for -- family. I don't know if he's been in touch with the Stanley -- he's currently with Child Protective Services in Hawaii. Kgo as Katie -- -- reporting live from Santa Clara thank you. Join us now is aviation expert and former NTSB investigator Tom -- -- Tom we know these wheel wells. Are extremely dangerous that less than one -- four people who still was away in them survives. Do you believe this account this boy's story. It's hard to imagine -- by supervisors. One. Beat in the wheel well that takes off you're exposed to winds of you know 13840. Miles an hour. With the -- gear -- tracks the chance of getting crushed or for agree that it is not a lot of room and there. As -- once you're an -- to get temperatures are minus forty degrees. There's no oxygen. Your 38000 feet -- people -- top of Everest for a lack of -- you nationally 24000 feet. So it it's. Quite amazing anybody could -- -- And of course authorities were also suspect of whether or not this was true. How have they been able to determine that this is actually the case. Well I think basically just on accounts that they've looked at the videotapes from the ramps. And they concede apparently I'm told the boy coming out of the wheel well area once that later airplane landed in Hawaii. That's kind of amazing by itself. If he's on the airplane or somewhere in the -- -- -- can understand -- survival but. There's no access from the wheel well in the cargo so much your -- pulled this off. So give me an idea that your on this job you're doing the questions now what would you be asking the pilot the crew and the operations on the ground. Well the first thing of course is security how could somebody jumped the fence to get on board an airplane that -- -- one issue. Otherwise you know talk to the boy himself and ask him what he did how did it and hopefully he remembers some movement. The crew of the airplane Whitney avenue idea of views on board. It makes more sense to me is somehow we got the card wary of maybe he got into cargo before it closed the car door that would make sense. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- your objectives and -- possible -- less oxygen but he could survive that. I don't know if we -- all the questions -- answer here. And can you recall any similar cases during your time -- the NTSB at something like this happening I mean clearly there are other cases. Well clearly -- lot of other cases we've seen in the past but people who weren't successful. We know airplanes that have arrived to their destination only to find. Bodies inside the wheel well we know of cases when the -- geared opens. -- body fell out. That's happened numerous times and fortunately. People to understand that's gullible -- there. Sort has happened but this the first time aware of of somebody doing this for such a length -- time survive and that's what would happen. If that -- -- that this really did happen did the stowaways presence even if he meant no harm. Pose any other threat to the flight and also did it sort of disclose any security gaps. What think it's definitely disclose security gap it. Because when he was seen going over the fence by security cameras are going -- the airplane. A series that was shown somebody should have gotten agents out there and found this young man. In terms of -- aircraft very unlikely. Once again and do delighted yourself usually crushes the person inside it doesn't -- -- -- your at all. So yes. Security issues airplane from this kind of event though however have to take a look at potentially somebody else who has criminal intent mind. You -- -- prevent anybody from get on the airplane is supposed to be there. Aviation expert and former NTSB investigator Tom powder thank you. This has been an ABC news digital special report keep up with the story in real times. Download the ABC news happened -- this story or exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle -- -- New York.

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{"id":23429433,"title":"Authorities Attempt to Find Plane Stowaway's Motives","duration":"6:17","description":"Student who hid in wheel-well might have been trying to run away after fight at home. ","url":"/US/video/authorities-attempt-find-plane-stowaways-motives-23429433","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}