Authorities: 'Innocence Lost' at Penn State

Police Commissioner Noonan discusses abuse allegations involving Jerry Sandusky.
4:03 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Authorities: 'Innocence Lost' at Penn State
I was the chief of investigations -- the attorney general's office before it became. Commissioner the Pennsylvania state police. So I've been involved with the -- investigation for several years. And it's unique in many respects. The first thing I'd like to say is it. This is not a case about football it's not a case about universities. It's a case about children who had their innocence stolen from them. And a culture that did nothing to stop it. Or -- from happening to others. Now be read to present it. What you saw there was something we that do investigations like this would call grooming what what happened here was grooming. Where these predators identified child. Become mentors. They're usually children that a pat they're having a little difficulty they're at risk children. Through the second -- program he was -- able to identify these children. They give them gifts established -- trust initiate this will conduct which eventually leads to sexual contact. And that is very common in these type of investigations. What is unusual though in this particular investigations that 1998. There was a police investigation which he made admissions about inappropriate contact in a shower room Jerry sandusky did and nothing happened and nothing stopped. In 2000 the year 2000 janitors at the university. A Penn state university. Observed a sex act in the shower room and because they were afraid of their jobs. Didn't report so nothing change -- nothing stopped. And then in 2002 the -- rules graduate assistant saw. Another sex act being committed in the locker room in the shower by Jerry sandusky he did reported. But nothing happened and nothing stopped and that's very unusual. I don't think I've ever been associated with the case -- that type of eyewitness. Identification. Of sex acts taking place. Where the police -- call I don't think I've ever seen something like that before. Now. As you go through this cases I have there aren't many heroes involved. But if -- -- to identify some heroes it would be the men and women standing on the stage the investigators the troopers that worked on this case for over two years. And the prosecutors. You not understand how hard it is to do an investigation like this when you don't have. The cooperation. People that are witnesses people that suspect. The children are scarred for life they have a very -- time adjusting to this I've met many people. That have been involved with sexual abuse when they were younger and they dealt with the through it for their entire lives. And also. If they do go to somebody -- -- they go to who's going to believe them when they're talking about an icon. In the area. It's very difficult. So generally it's five to six years when they become adults and they become. Confident enough that they could come forward. And then -- usually by themselves. Well. Unfortunately out -- it's probable that there are other examples. Other incidents -- is this going on about the commonwealth I just hope that on speaking to any of those children might be watching today. That they will realize. That the attorney general's office in the Pennsylvania state police will listen. And will pay attention to everything to complaints that they have that they don't have to be afraid that they do have an advocate. And if there's any adults out there. Who may have knowledge about sexual predators. And crimes -- their committee. That they won't be wondering what is our legal responsibility. What I want them to know is that a human being they have a responsibility. I just wanted to remember three words 911. If you have that information. I believe -- propagation. To bring -- forward.

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{"id":14898056,"title":"Authorities: 'Innocence Lost' at Penn State","duration":"4:03","description":"Police Commissioner Noonan discusses abuse allegations involving Jerry Sandusky.","url":"/US/video/authorities-say-innocence-lost-at-penn-state-14898056","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}