Autistic Virginia Boy Found Alive

Robert Wood Jr., 9, has been reunited with his family.
0:52 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Autistic Virginia Boy Found Alive
Thanks for being here. Robert Wood junior has been parent and reunited with -- -- He was found at approximately two. -- it was approximately three quarters to a mile from where he was last seen. The search is over. The investigation continues. And there are a lot of people took part. The -- if -- here I would like to thank the media. You have been so responsive to all of our needs -- got -- message and -- kept. What truly want to thank you. We have 6000 volunteers. To fight. And not just from -- parent. -- from the entire region.

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{"id":14837760,"title":"Autistic Virginia Boy Found Alive","duration":"0:52","description":"Robert Wood Jr., 9, has been reunited with his family.","url":"/US/video/autistic-virginia-boy-found-alive-14837760","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}