Bank Robber's Bragging Letter Helps Lead to Conviction

Robert Maday wrote a letter to his girlfriend detailing his crime spree on the lam in Illinois.
1:31 | 01/10/13

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Transcript for Bank Robber's Bragging Letter Helps Lead to Conviction
He holds up a blooming -- bank and -- with 32000 dollars in cash yet a gun is never seen in the surveillance video. Career criminal Robert -- day was hoping that was enough for a jury to -- some time -- what is likely to be a lengthy prison sentence. We doesn't it was a real question as to whether he did have a gun with him when the bank is -- in. We lose confidence could have been. Commit an act of. But that wasn't the case a jury convicted -- of using a gun during the robbery -- much more including the bank robbery itself. And escape the capture Chicago's attention two years ago. The -- it was already convicted bank robber when he escaped from custody while being driven to court by two Cook County State's attorney investigators. The day grabbed their guns and use them to carjacked two women in separate incidents before robbing the bank. Prosecutors say -- days own words helped convict them. Keeps telling numerous people that he came into contact with that he was this 8 PM ironic he's -- -- an escape from. President and he seemed to think in his own mind that he was this legendary criminal. Besides bragging about his 27 hours on the run at -- also wrote this letter -- -- girlfriend telling her he was so close in getting away with it. The day was caught hours after the bank robbery when his stolen car crashed while being chased by police. The -- attorney says his clients addiction to cocaine is what led to his life of crime but the bank robberies -- probably means to. Pay for the purchase of drugs.

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{"id":18182412,"title":"Bank Robber's Bragging Letter Helps Lead to Conviction","duration":"1:31","description":"Robert Maday wrote a letter to his girlfriend detailing his crime spree on the lam in Illinois.","url":"/US/video/bank-robbers-bragging-letter-helps-lead-conviction-18182412","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}