Batman, Other Icons Define Feel of Local Fire Stations

California firefighters showcase signs that define their personalities.
1:49 | 08/10/13

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Transcript for Batman, Other Icons Define Feel of Local Fire Stations
The engines and fire stations may look the same. But the Long Beach neighborhoods they serve our unique. For example station number four is known for its busy night so bad -- the Dark Knight watches over this Belmont heights neighborhood. Station sixteens logo fits it well because it's located at Long Beach airport. The icon traces the airports roots back to World War II when it was known as majority field. The icons give the station's their own identity. We we made these this these local specific to the actual character of the station the character of our city. And because of that I think that's what what makes -- these these logos I guess slowed by the -- seventeen stations have their. Icons or logos on display at fire department headquarters. All the icons identified -- neighborhood. Of one icon has a whole different meaning. Station twelve -- is known as the ghost house. Firefighters who worked -- swear the spirit of retired firefighter John Macomb center resides here. John used to work at the station effect he lived across the street. After retiring in the 1970s. He even -- out here in -- died nearly twenty years ago. -- -- -- says he and other firefighters. Have felt John's presence. We're the line down in bed. Or on the chairs in the -- their training room. For a while you're sleeping you have a sense of presence come into the room. And then you'll you'll feel this pressure chest and have about that point you wanna get -- as you naturally would -- can't. Next month station twelve is going to be replaced by a new modern station just a couple blocks away. The big question is this -- icon and John fund -- new home. In the -- station mr. Sid Garcia reporting for ABC news.

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{"id":19925685,"title":"Batman, Other Icons Define Feel of Local Fire Stations","duration":"1:49","description":"California firefighters showcase signs that define their personalities.","url":"/US/video/batman-icons-define-feel-local-fire-stations-19925685","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}