Bear Camps Out on Ledge

North Carolina wildlife officials try to move a young bear to safety.
1:29 | 03/03/12

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Transcript for Bear Camps Out on Ledge
It was a cute and Connolly surprise. It's fascinating to the -- -- -- -- Get something just. -- quickly drew a crowd it's been quite a -- around 7 Friday morning a baby bear wandered onto the grounds of the -- cancer center we have pages have made reality then he had. I'm gonna say that has -- them of the fifty county animal popped up on alleged and began to camp out. Asheville police quickly surrounded the area -- wild wildlife officials got to work. -- -- is right now he really doesn't have any -- again and that's the only reason that we're -- The -- attacked learned of air into a trap with Ingles pastries. But he -- Bite she bears are used to being in -- places -- he is on a wall where we tried to replace him any panicked he might false the other side. So the waiting game was under way. Three days in a row now a -- has been spotted in the city limits the NC wildlife resources commission says it's not unusual. But -- think here of the animal is the same. Each appearance officials have waited for the -- to come down with the fact that it's not going back to the -- is a concern. With this this particular -- these particular bears. They just got into town in -- place where they can't seem on the way out. But as wildlife authorities continue to work all of these -- cases. Around town say they're enjoying the show us. Reporting in Asheville -- sharing news thirteen.

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{"id":15840873,"title":"Bear Camps Out on Ledge","duration":"1:29","description":"North Carolina wildlife officials try to move a young bear to safety. ","url":"/US/video/bear-camps-ledge-downtown-asheville-north-carolina-wildlife-officials-us-15840873","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}