Boy, 10, Suspected of Killing Friend, 12

California boys were playing in a driveway when the fatal stabbing occurred.
1:26 | 01/17/12

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Transcript for Boy, 10, Suspected of Killing Friend, 12
A lakeside neighborhood roped off -- a community devastated over a deadly stabbing between two young friends and a trailer home park. Think that killed one person -- -- into the other and just got out of it was just a big big accident this is where neighbors -- ten news -- two neighborhood friends got into a fight at about 115 this afternoon. Neighbors say ten year old Mike -- believed to have stabbed his twelve year old friend Ryan in the chest with a kitchen knife. Bryant was taken -- reading Children's Hospital where we're told he died less than two hours later. They were loading. Up with a young person is -- an ambulance. Doing chest depressions. Wayne king he lives two doors down from the home where the stabbing took place says he saw the paramedics arrived and moments later he heard uncontrollable screams she didn't mean to do it. And I heard that clearly say. -- -- trying to console makes -- -- and house from sky ten you can see the lakeside home surrounded by yellow tape vault to trampoline sit in the front yard. Neighbors say Mike is home was a place local children like to hang out -- -- there all the time. Us and it's still unclear where ten year old -- is at this hour meanwhile neighbors who know the young boys -- ten news that there's no way Mike and meant to do this. Nothing wrong with him as being your manager dot. You know no one should judge him other than. He made a really really -- mistake.

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{"id":15376386,"title":"Boy, 10, Suspected of Killing Friend, 12","duration":"1:26","description":"California boys were playing in a driveway when the fatal stabbing occurred.","url":"/US/video/boy-10-suspected-killing-friend-12-15376386","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}