Boy Buried Alive in Sand

Boy survives after 20 minutes buried in sand while digging a hole.
1:28 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Boy Buried Alive in Sand
You know. Think wealthiest -- had just eleven years old Nicholas Nelson understands the value of time find out what lesson I ain't. -- -- Really solar Nelson spent twenty minutes -- -- line. You have Brothers and that men digging tunnels for allow. Then we didn't know learning and -- -- with our being claim. Soon after the tunnel collapsed. Trapping Nelson inside I really didn't add pests bowel but I was -- -- -- -- -- I -- Yeah it -- scary -- small gap Tennessee and even some oxygen -- sixteen year old brother tried to dig him out. Unable to find and he -- his mother. And grabbed shovels jumped in the truck with -- down there we started digging and we didn't know -- it was because the sand -- pushed him down and that's when I have my oldest run out call 911. First responders are credited for finding. And reviving the boy. They gave him a few breaths by his mouth -- then on they just use the bag and he came. He fought back on its own. With the scare behind them both mother and son say they're walking away stronger. Not only physically but in their faith I -- so I -- bothering me get trained together. And they chair I didn't know. It's a miracle that he's here that's as. I'm -- -- -- home and that's that's America.

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{"id":15915879,"title":"Boy Buried Alive in Sand","duration":"1:28","description":"Boy survives after 20 minutes buried in sand while digging a hole.","url":"/US/video/boy-buried-alive-sand-15915879","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}