Boy, 7, Missing in Aurora Illinois

Investigators have found new video and forensic evidence in the case.
2:19 | 11/19/11

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Transcript for Boy, 7, Missing in Aurora Illinois
-- -- a platoon you'll be home soon. Congress on -- parents Jim and instant cult is now seven year old will be found alive and well. Especially now that LAPD has made -- investigated to the right areas to again searching for him. Mean little. This isn't -- yeah here playing and -- guitar he's not -- priority. All weighed seventy pounds and has brown hair and eyes. No one -- hurt him since may fourteenth that today his mother Amy -- pits and was found dead after killing herself with a knife at a Rockford motel world. Her suicide note gave little clue to what happened to the boy to -- -- grandmother told us by phone she believes he's alive. -- -- Never believe my daughter -- -- child I believe my daughter did but that could hear more about what -- With the -- that the group I think it was wrong. Results from forensics tests conducted by private lab hired by -- -- police have been released. But in plant material found on the 2004. Ford Expedition. -- pits and was driving indicate northwestern Illinois as a place to possibly find evidence. In northwestern we're going there is. A lot of hunters there's a lot of outdoor enthusiasts missile at a state park so there. Scientists say results shell -- picks and was stopped for a period of time and a wide gravel rolled or shoulder. That have been treated with glass road making beats. Then backed up into a -- where both queen Anne's lace and black mustard plants grow in a row along the shoulder. They say there's also a -- small stream or creek in the area. People -- -- police are asking the public the year Brandon Bryant he's missing -- -- in a vehicle including activities Spiderman backpack. Take a look for some of these items. The missing Tories may be -- cell -- -- -- -- -- Also today police release more security footage of Timothy and his mother showing them on May eleventh -- key lime cove resort in Gurney. The two after checking in at Wisconsin Dells resort. The afternoon of may twelfth and finally the 43 year old entering and leaving -- Winnebago -- -- like -- restore the next day. Although investigators -- colleagues about activities where oxygen hits and says he'll never give up looking for Imus. -- -- very much and we -- -- Clinton are now.

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{"id":14989291,"title":"Boy, 7, Missing in Aurora Illinois","duration":"2:19","description":"Investigators have found new video and forensic evidence in the case.","url":"/US/video/boy-missing-aurora-illinois-14989291","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}