Boy With Cancer Chooses to Stop Treatment

Alex Rodriguez, 12, ends treatment after years of fighting rhabdomyosarcoma.
2:05 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Boy With Cancer Chooses to Stop Treatment
Three -- for Alex it's a simple request a simple show of solidarity for this twelve year old boy and his fame Merck plant -- Comerica -- -- both Clinton and what name. -- -- -- When -- and Alex is both shy teenager. And a grown up with the maturity to handle a daunting cancer -- many well beyond his years but struggled -- no matter what he's been through. He's always got the smile on his place in the -- show went. Always his journey started with a terrible back -- when he was just seven years old I found out that night and it. Would send want to know what was going to I would -- Grabbed. My hand -- -- it's not a word that should be in anyone's vocabulary let alone a twelve year old boy. Alex has endured radiation chemotherapy. And back surgery that forced him to have to learn to walk again. The cancer even -- away for awhile. But the cruel vocabulary word would eventually return -- understand you know we bright day and who doesn't cancer hasn't allowed Alex many choices -- a few weeks ago. He decided to make one to stay home and be near family and friends instead of continuing treatment in Texas. The -- and quick. To help Alex experience some of those carefree childhood years he missed out on his school sells brigades to support Alex and his. You know -- being incredibly difficult to think about this -- twin problems. I have a certain -- land and so what will be those things have always -- today. Maybe it's a trip to -- Lindbergh baby it's a trip to Atlanta -- for Alex it's probably just time spent at home just -- him every name in. -- -- How and heard him. In -- -- Aaron holt Nashville's who used to.

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{"id":15766475,"title":"Boy With Cancer Chooses to Stop Treatment","duration":"2:05","description":"Alex Rodriguez, 12, ends treatment after years of fighting rhabdomyosarcoma.","url":"/US/video/boy-with-cancer-chooses-to-stop-treatment-15766475","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}