Brothers Become Dads at Same Hospital, Minutes Apart

Nick and David Pereira were surprised to find each other at the same New York hospital.
1:25 | 04/04/13

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Transcript for Brothers Become Dads at Same Hospital, Minutes Apart
Excited and McCain and against. -- -- -- -- wouldn't be excited enough about the birth of his first child when it. It's the fact that his younger brother's wife gave birth only about 45 minutes before both at Winthrop hospital. Back -- -- came here this morning not knowing that they were here. And I -- my -- text message telling him that we were in the hospital. And he doesn't it Avery here for a couple hours so funny because you know late last night we might be labor -- have asked. -- is doing nothing just just case. When it came a day early her cousin that the annual nine -- early the -- now think back to the conversation they had when they first realized they were pregnant at the same time. Wouldn't it be fun -- -- yeah. Station. And it it. And it happened. And it certainly was easy -- the couples to visit each other after the burst because they -- just break down the hole from one another. Where I was admitted distinction that I was actually labor it was one parent room and it turned up at that. Has come into the same room later doctor set -- answer says he's never seen this before. Coincidentally on Friday and Saturday and delivered us sisters. And that's never happened I think we're running like -- -- special. And how's that for a family picture in Mineola Long Island Kristen -- channel seven eyewitness needs.

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{"id":18880470,"title":"Brothers Become Dads at Same Hospital, Minutes Apart","duration":"1:25","description":"Nick and David Pereira were surprised to find each other at the same New York hospital.","url":"/US/video/brothers-become-dads-at-same-hospital-minutes-apart-18880470","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}