Missing Toddler: Dwight Stallings

Nearly 2-year-old Dwight Stallings goes missing in Elk Grove, CA.
1:57 | 03/25/12

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Transcript for Missing Toddler: Dwight Stallings
He would be 22 months old by now but no one knows of Dwight stallings is even still alive. Last seen last April. His mother thirty federal Tunisia Edwards is in jail for violation of probation on drug charges arrested this week at her parents' home in -- world. That's when investigators on she also had award from CPS for her arrest. They asked -- -- her baby and got several conflicting answers to -- Yes says he's someone else is yes it was this. Barbara says her daughter visited -- -- but hasn't brought baby Dwight Whitner since last April that's about the time when CPS began going to edwards' apartment at this south Sacramento complex. Visiting every few days to do a welfare check and baby to -- But Edwards never answered. Has basically just seen. When CBS can do want will one day actually has never seen it come out she -- -- The one and then look for guidance they're losing. Now and less. Costly -- -- -- Neighbors saw -- sheriff's deputies chaperone CDS workers to their apartment several times in April. But after several attempts CPS gave up the search. Issuing a warrant for her arrest but never reporting -- -- -- as being a missing child to law enforcement. Neighbors never thought twice about not seeing the boys since then until now. Whoever -- -- saying -- it's it's. Nobody wants how to -- especially -- -- you. Said -- and Edwards mom maintains she never thought to ask her daughter where the BB one has any time she's seen her in the past year. This time it's daughter says it's. Yes. Back. -- -- -- -- -- I have flown to Hawaii where he is if someone hasn't -- attending an -- what this woman read something.

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{"id":15998734,"title":"Missing Toddler: Dwight Stallings","duration":"1:57","description":"Nearly 2-year-old Dwight Stallings goes missing in Elk Grove, CA.","url":"/US/video/california-elk-grove-dwight-stallings-baby-toddler-missing-15998734","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}