California Wildfires Destroy 26 Homes, 1,800 Evacuated

Firefighters rush to contain rapidly-spreading flames as officials urge residents to flee.
3:00 | 08/09/13

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Transcript for California Wildfires Destroy 26 Homes, 1,800 Evacuated
This is a special report from ABC news. I'm Dan -- New York with the CBC news digital special report. Firefighters in California finally gaining some ground on a fast moving wildfire that has burned nearly two dozen square miles since it broke out just three days ago. It is burned dozens of homes is forced hundreds of people from the Palm Springs area. Several people have already been hurt by that fire -- ABC's -- -- is live in. And standing near the front line branding is what is the status then of the fire. Hi Dan we -- have a little bit of good news to report this fire is now 25%. Contained we got that number this morning for firefighters as the banning fire still rages on. You can see the kind of damage -- leaving behind me this building is pretty much nothing but twisted metal -- there's nothing left behind. And there are still hundreds of homes in the fire's path. That's all -- a priority but quickly if those winds start to kick out. The fast moving silver fire continues to tear through the San Gabriel Mountains burning 22 square miles in three days. -- -- Parting as one of the most quickly spreading rapidly spreading. Dangerous fires that I've seen at least 26 homes have been destroyed with nothing but ash and rubble left behind for families who've lost everything. My dog and I am concerned about his family say yeah yeah well not closet for anything but also it is just stuff and more than 500 homes remain threatened. -- lit up pretty. -- fire department came in and say today. 14100 firefighters are battling these flames from the ground and the air. As fierce winds quickly pushed the fire both east and west across the hot dry terrain. We've been talking about you know the fire season this year. In let them are drive -- usual and that's played to with most of the fires that we've seen this year. Six people have also been hurt including five firefighters. As they continue to face extremely dangerous conditions on the front lines. As the West Coast here the sun rose we also saw those winds pick up once again they're not as strong as they were when this fire first sparked in. Really sent the blaze flying very quickly -- still right now firefighters do have their work cut out for them the latest numbers 25% contained. -- -- that's that's the good news for progress in their how many firefighters are actually out their ballot next I know I haven't seen different reports as dispatchers and hundreds at a times. That's -- the latest numbers we've been given is there anywhere between 141000 at 14100 -- he's -- 16100. Firefighters who are here and there are mainly trying to work the ground lines -- -- problem is is every time. They kind of get an area had a little bit of containment they're seeing the winds pick up members and throw the fire beyond that fire line they are utilizing. Nine aircraft's right now including some large aircraft that are. Dumping extreme amounts of -- -- at once we even have seen several helicopters fly overhead within the last hour or so they're also doing water drops as well -- Wow fourteen hundredths of a massive massive effort there you had mentioned six people being injured we know it agreed to those injuries. When this fire first sparked there was a resident in this area who was severely burned unfortunately -- is still being treated for those burns also there are five firefighters who were hurt we're told that several of them were injured from heat exhaustion the others we are not told. Yeah exactly how they were hurt but. -- obviously this situation very intense and the fire crews do say going back on the front lines today this is an extremely dangerous situation for all the firefighters who are out there. He's still whether it's the terrain as a whole listens to a whole host of factors that are making -- -- difficult for them to get a hold of that. You shouldn't make progress 125% containment now that they have any idea they speculate how much -- -- -- to get control of today news. Now they aren't they aren't quite -- looking that far in advance -- just trying to actually hold the containment that they do you have we talking about. Strong winds that we're used to seeing down here. In the kind of -- Desert area and that and the mountainous area here in Southern California -- is seen as an Ana winds which run kind of clockwise ad during this time of year this is a different weather pattern you're running counterclockwise. And the winds were just so strong when this fire sparked. It jumped from a thousand acres to 2500 acres in seconds and then exponentially jumped again to 5000 acres. In a matter of hours so right now the wins -- using com at least a little calmer than they have been. But that could always change in the afternoon the winds always tend to pick up that firefighters are hopeful they'll stay low Dan. But as things progress you just never know next week they're expecting the winds -- definitely die down but hopefully they can get ahead of this fire before -- What -- obviously they're number one goal right now is to get the whole thing completely contained get it taken care of and obviously get everyone back into their homes. So I know that probably before the the search for cause right now might not be first and foremost on the majority of the people that are out there working on this thing. But have -- given any kind of indication -- -- -- -- -- -- the start was that men -- -- -- -- any. Any idea. So -- -- are being told that they do not know what causes fire but you may remember just last month. There was another large fire this this -- burned about 22 square -- so far but just last month police fire burned 46 of 47. Square miles and that one was man made that -- seven homes so far in this fire. We've seen 26 homes burned. Those are -- comes -- they've counted they believe that number will likely go up but there are 500 homes at least two that are still being threatened. Thousands of people have been evacuated and so right now they're just trying to get ahead of it but we're likely to see more damage in the days to come. RTC's -- -- out there and banning California brandy thank you for that please of course stay safe. And we have a complete report as far -- are making progress about 25% containment of that wildfire. Burning just east of Palm Springs we'll have a report on For non -- cuts -- -- New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":19917262,"title":"California Wildfires Destroy 26 Homes, 1,800 Evacuated","duration":"3:00","description":"Firefighters rush to contain rapidly-spreading flames as officials urge residents to flee.","url":"/US/video/california-wildfires-force-evacuations-28-homes-destroyed-abc-19917262","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}