California Woman Pinned by Car

Santos Ybarra was arrested for allegedly hitting another woman with her car.
1:17 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for California Woman Pinned by Car
Well this confrontation didn't actually happen inside the store but the stores certainly did get a lot of collateral damage. And the criminal charges because police say 26 year old son -- -- Berra used her mini -- As a weapon happened Tuesday evening and this surveillance video tells the story frankly better than Nike and this white minivan pulls up and it only takes seconds for the soon to start going at -- at one point one is actually inside the van throwing punches. And the worst part just 27 year old woman heads the driver -- and the driver takes the bait. She was pushed back several feet into the store. A little later she stood back up an ambulance came and she was treated for non life threatening injuries and -- atop the -- -- -- set the victim. Is actually a regular. Man I was just shocked it was like in the movies you know they -- you -- will be put fear levels like that these two ladies today have a history around here the outlook updating yeah I think I'd like at least once we. But another one model movable or. That driver again -- as a -- was arrested at her home for attempted murder. Assault with a deadly weapon and felony property damage now clearly needs to have some type of history. But it please know about it. They certainly aren't telling us in Stockton at Monticello news --

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{"id":15989125,"title":"California Woman Pinned by Car","duration":"1:17","description":"Santos Ybarra was arrested for allegedly hitting another woman with her car.","url":"/US/video/california-woman-pinned-car-15989125","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}