Car Crash Delays Marriage Proposal

Adam Goodsell was critically injured while en route to give girlfriend a ring.
1:31 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Car Crash Delays Marriage Proposal
Adam good -- mission to propose to his girlfriend was dumped by a terrible crash. With the I don't think tanks and we'll -- -- -- yeah. Okay okay let's change our Spanish -- -- Adam was rejected from his Land Rover engagement ring he just -- for his girlfriend tumbled into a puddle. -- told his sister about the surprise proposal just before the crash. And he's just been so excited to give it tourists wanting that makes this even. Harder and -- is a difficult situation regardless. Somehow or Utah highway patrolman found the ring on the side of the road the trooper gave the -- to Adam's father. And he took care of the rest. He went upstairs. Internet atoms around and opening box in hand and said. We feel like it's something he wants to do is to give me ask you -- marry you. From there it was Q. It was a proposal from an unconscious. Man to the woman he fell madly in love where. To know that he was finally found some -- than the rest of his life -- makes it difficult. Hand gold -- response to Adams -- usual proposal. It yet. We tell them might not be -- I think he can hear me -- -- So now cruelty is engaged to Adam and she is committed. Doctors have told her he may wake with a different personality or with some paralysis. -- perfect for me like a little --

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{"id":15919516,"title":"Car Crash Delays Marriage Proposal","duration":"1:31","description":"Adam Goodsell was critically injured while en route to give girlfriend a ring.","url":"/US/video/car-crash-delays-marriage-proposal-15919516","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}