Cat Burglar's Animal Kingdom Crime

Henry Silver admits to stealing stuffed leopard, dingo from Calif. museum.
1:52 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for Cat Burglar's Animal Kingdom Crime
House sitting in my room I don't got a TV or radio. By the fat -- I think be a cat -- today. And -- cat burglar he eighteen. Around 8 this morning police went on the hunt for a still -- money taken from the what do -- museum downtown when officers got there it was not -- -- and that went missing. But in Australian -- go. A short time later police found 55 year old hit me slivers seated -- the -- -- jacket off a couple of blocks away with breakfast and one half. -- -- dean down in the other. In a jailhouse interview sliver says he kicked in the window at the museum. And took this six foot long -- He had went down an Alley you know creep -- along with his leopard. He dragged it back to his room at the Bakersfield hotel waking up the manager -- -- Patel. We're talking the ceremony he Henry came up thinking -- -- that they. I mean it was being. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- the leopard was not enough first liver. Put in my room talked to him for awhile. Two I'll go back to get -- -- -- And I got that. Who converted -- -- a cup of coffee. And police killed. While this cat burglary it may seem funny to some. It's not funny to the museum. It's just they're they're very valuable. A lot of different wings are very educational for the kids -- were probably one of the only museums and California period. -- you can get a closer look at animals. But -- -- got too up close. Damaging the dean go leopard and the -- in the window during the burglary which is gonna end up costing the museum any money which the museum says it does not have.

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{"id":15447238,"title":"Cat Burglar's Animal Kingdom Crime","duration":"1:52","description":"Henry Silver admits to stealing stuffed leopard, dingo from Calif. museum.","url":"/US/video/cat-burglar-steals-stuffed-animals-from-museum-15447238","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}