Clerk Shoots Suspect

Mark Headstrong fired at armed man trying to rob a North Carolina store.
1:44 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for Clerk Shoots Suspect
Tuesday afternoon. And business and the rights that country -- is steady customers coming in and now many wanting to meet the man who shot would be Robert Joseph Anderson. I -- -- shaking hands a lot of hugs and love. Signatories of the crowds. -- -- -- -- Besides those handshakes and pictures. People are showing their admiration for store clerk markets transactions in the form. Sales were definite increase in business just because it was just that long to come on -- -- -- I'm glad that's. -- and taking care of business. Headstrong has even received letters and notes from fans and customers -- -- a regular at 1110 strongest know when she came in earlier this week and didn't find her -- clerk. That's right back to their seat. Where are you are worried about -- I hope you're okay. But that's not at all -- it's also got a couple of phone calls from fans who cannot come to school X. My means the turnaround that comment on the house does not become monks walk. But to -- product to and that's what you -- is. Us we would do the same -- -- our heroes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With everyone calling strongly. He's humbled by yeah yeah yeah he hopes the action actually inspire others to stand up for its citizens than in. Pressing for me not just like I did something -- so a lot to themselves you know. So mom her leg of this -- forever what -- did with us and humans. -- -- --

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{"id":15018231,"title":"Clerk Shoots Suspect","duration":"1:44","description":"Mark Headstrong fired at armed man trying to rob a North Carolina store.","url":"/US/video/caught-on-tape-clerk-shoots-robbery-suspect-15018231","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}