Charleston Victim's Brother Calls Dylann Roof's Sentence a 'Hollow Victory'

Roof was sentenced to death today for killing nine churchgoers in 2015.
2:35 | 01/10/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Charleston Victim's Brother Calls Dylann Roof's Sentence a 'Hollow Victory'
I just want to save it. Today. We hit justice fold my sister. Today we got justice for children. And Henrietta looms over. Joseph endorsing his. Stephen immoral and swindled. So say in the courtroom. This a very hollow victory. Because this is she's still going. Are we stood. This further could have brought in. For the chance. For the rich and do this just sent a message. To those who feel the way he feels. That this community. Or not tolerated. Weighing my sister was killed. This community pulled together in the wind I have never seen before. And I just wish that debt ceiling. That debt load that we shall see each other and the city of Charleston and stay in the South Carolina. The nation. The war of words to prayer is that came in which continued. I just want this to stop. I really. I'm target. Every time I hear about this shooting a crime. We have to stopped us. I think that if we just. Stand up to each other like we did in the beginning. They may retail privy to show the staff in the so we'll just stay in the game. And I want to sell or close my statement by thanking everyone. From. My brother Robert which. Cupid Richard. Malcolm worrying. Here broad zones. Myself. Thank you. And I just wanted to say. I heard. Hormone apparel forensics. This. When they changed. For the Indians say nothing because that was that means you. When they came for the blacks sit nothing because. What they came for the Jews they say nothing. Because it was Jews and then one day he came for me. And there was no one left to speak from. Today this community stood up to. And clear this school for the evening.

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{"id":44692535,"title":"Charleston Victim's Brother Calls Dylann Roof's Sentence a 'Hollow Victory'","duration":"2:35","description":"Roof was sentenced to death today for killing nine churchgoers in 2015.","url":"/US/video/charleston-victims-brother-calls-dylann-roofs-sentence-hollow-44692535","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}