Classmate Calls Pa. Stabbing Suspect 'a Little Misunderstood'

Morgan Ritchey had two classes with stabbing suspect.
7:46 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for Classmate Calls Pa. Stabbing Suspect 'a Little Misunderstood'
When he went to school this morning. Well I was walking into school and I was putting my make up in the -- saved enough time. And it's free trade links screaming in the holes in every moment thinking oh my -- Susan and stabbing people say he's leading he's being -- Isn't all -- really scary and we've. Joseph different -- the fire alarm went off and then he's -- -- Rushing out the -- Like a crappy recently. So we only rent out -- as renting out pounding rain. The night and I didn't realize it seems like -- you. -- -- -- -- It looked like -- -- trying to. Obviously people -- the night. Ten million OK thank -- and don't like a they -- stabbing everybody -- -- unexpected you think really quiet. Yes he's he's he's not -- -- -- and he was in pain. International. And you really have that conversation within the island Titanic they came -- to get 303 or something like -- like. School related conversations. About -- Byron. He's a great guy on this thing That's So Raven and keep the state comes out of the way she pulled the fire alarms lately and really -- -- -- And it is not and yeah -- -- -- three times early in the process. That's so green and -- I -- moving gradually. -- -- -- -- a little early shook up because of it which is understandable. Don't like every daily. -- -- Yeah. Anything on yeah. I think. I hate you they're glad you once it starts up again and any time. -- need to protect. He. Again. Describe. Your experience it. School districts. A couple of times -- plans like. Haven is to get today is certainly happily -- backpack test scores whenever they buildings not. Lawyer something like that I'd just like here museum paid very well -- some -- it was in a slight feeling OK and you know how to save. It's. Like Clinton noted again. Yeah I haven't -- Yeah and I think you -- think a little quiet you know he's had like. Every detective -- about people Sonoma lake -- -- first instinct about someone's like pretty accurate it. And -- thought he was like nice in the little misunderstood but -- some -- of the disturbing -- about him that he was solidly. Not -- is nearly got around stabbing people that would not used like. I don't know I just nothing happening at different sides than that nobody knew it -- play -- uncovered. Never thought it was -- I just thought it was like. I just can't describe it that it is painfully honest feeling about him different compared everybody else. It will be he didn't really have a lot of friends and you know. An -- to sell -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know if you make -- -- -- -- -- -- -- final preliminary estimates. -- Video game where. Can do. -- -- It did pretty well in school I mean he's got good grades and Elvis and extent that the classes and I'd get it and he noted that way better than me. -- -- the event. -- -- -- -- -- Currently eight six in the end it all kind. This -- the normal today and in -- And it went like normal -- Complete disaster. -- average -- access -- news. -- -- -- -- -- And then a lot of us thought it was a joke and in the parking lines and one and in my English class -- On the ground the teacher yelling screaming help me an -- Yeah everyone's running all over the place there are people just. Like flooding out -- story. Think every month. I'm Glenn I don't know that you like I did see him physically stab anybody but he couldn't -- -- -- -- -- like. Sort of the east -- That night yeah. Thinking that and that humans. Felt really four feet in front of heat and I. -- -- -- And it. Just justice since getting beaten and it. Was finally back on -- -- notice that they intended invisible. His public. The night. -- silver blade.

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{"id":23268061,"title":"Classmate Calls Pa. Stabbing Suspect 'a Little Misunderstood'","duration":"7:46","description":"Morgan Ritchey had two classes with stabbing suspect.","url":"/US/video/classmate-calls-pa-stabbing-suspect-misunderstood-23268061","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}