Clerical Error Frees Murder Suspect

A paperwork mistake lead to the release of a murder suspect.
1:36 | 11/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clerical Error Frees Murder Suspect
Richard Mendoza junior will soon be released on bond because no charges were filed. In the ninety days since his arrest. Decongestants. Actually tell injustice fort bend county. Said that they made a mistake and it's a big mistake and they are letting annual murder walked free from this courtroom. Missouri city police -- Mendoza killed seventeen year old Christopher -- -- in 2003. The case went unsolved for years. But detectives kept working the case and return to a rural area between our cola and to lift off FM 521 in fort bend county. There they found -- now determined to be human family says DNA tests have preliminarily determined the remains belong to dangle. We were waiting until we got -- more complete picture based upon DNA testing. -- -- district attorney John Healy says he blames himself for the oversight he says his prosecutor has been sanctioned but will not say how. The bottom line is my office made a mistake and I accept full responsibility Ford. Under the law judge Pedro Ruiz saw no alternative. But to release Mendoza on bond he said a 75000. Dollar bond but it's -- type of bond that requires no down payment. -- those however will be required to have no contact with pickles family. And his location will constantly be monitored by satellite staples mother Traci Gregory fears Mendoza will run. Visit the district attorney for -- instinct she forgot to -- I don't understand how that can happen it's something very important like that America. If it was their child they would have forgotten.

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{"id":14989164,"title":"Clerical Error Frees Murder Suspect","duration":"1:36","description":"A paperwork mistake lead to the release of a murder suspect.","url":"/US/video/clerical-error-frees-murder-suspect-14989164","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}