Cold Virus Targets Advanced Brian Cancer

Researchers, doctors work on a potential cure for cancer.
1:30 | 04/06/13

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Transcript for Cold Virus Targets Advanced Brian Cancer
I scared -- her -- Dixie trailing -- -- brain cancer. Now she doesn't back -- way and it had a smile and I thank him and said I'd say -- -- the treatment is actually a cold virus which isn't lethal to normal sales but it is lethal cancer cells. This souped up cold virus called delta 24 was developed by a husband wife for search team and -- I think this is a video for detectives attempted that you are doing their banks wolves to their patients. Crying. Because her -- -- -- interesting have we know that it didn't matter that. Doctor one -- and doctor Kendall -- Gomez months on -- worked on what they called their big idea. For fourteen years at first everybody was skeptical. We the -- do. They change the cold virus so it only kills cancer cell. Now we think. Any time the tumor starts growing again her immune system comes in and fights -- And Dixie isn't the only one the response that she has dramatic and we've not seen typically. And so what's interest -- -- we have three other people who have done similarly with -- with this kind of treatment it's just that incredibly amazing so as. -- Houston scientists plan bigger studies with their cancer killing cold virus. Dixie Riley -- her husband are planning a future Christy -- thirteen health check.

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{"id":18896196,"title":"Cold Virus Targets Advanced Brian Cancer","duration":"1:30","description":"Researchers, doctors work on a potential cure for cancer.","url":"/US/video/cold-virus-targets-advanced-brian-cancer-patients-18896196","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}