College Student Returns Check for $690 Million

Allen Smith's monthly check from Veteran Affairs arrived, but with many more zeroes on the amount.
3:00 | 10/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for College Student Returns Check for $690 Million
Allen told me. That this check was for -- in excess. Of half a billion. Dollars Patricia Smith tells me she couldn't believe the words that were coming out her son's mouth. The -- dependency that 22 year old Allen gets each month for college expenses had come in from the US Treasury Department as normal. But only this time it wasn't the usual 650. Dollars. But all -- 690. Million dollars. He immediately. Immediately. Went -- the DEA officer at Fort Benning -- a local person who's for the stated George. Immediately went there and turned in the Czech. Patricia says Allen gets dependency checks each month because of his father who was a veteran of the US army. She says she's proud of her son for turning to check in and knows his father. Is smiling down. It's there would have been totally thrilled I'm proud of him -- when he. Because eat it for me if -- -- -- -- probably would have done the same thing and self sacrifice. While his mother and sister are both singing on -- praises he declined to speak with us -- -- his mother says he's a very proud young man. Mary and oil is very chalet any really doesn't let it be -- -- -- -- -- We left several messages today for the regional VA office in Atlanta but got no calls back. I even spoke with several people at the office on post at Fort -- They declined to comment on the matter but did say that Atlanta was handling the issue my hands tied two. General inspector for the VA he's an emaciated that chick gets back toward the lives Smith says inspectors don't know what happened and told her that it could have been a misprint. Or they could have been -- Despite the fact that his car needs a new clutch patrician son Alan is happy with his decision to give the check back. And it makes it even more meaningful knowing it's what his father with a warning.

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{"id":17464676,"title":"College Student Returns Check for $690 Million","duration":"3:00","description":"Allen Smith's monthly check from Veteran Affairs arrived, but with many more zeroes on the amount.","url":"/US/video/college-student-returns-check-for-690-million-17464676","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}