Cosby, Uber, and the 'Charlie Sheen Effect'

ABC News' Amna Nawaz gets you up to speed on 3 things to know today.
6:23 | 02/22/16

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Transcript for Cosby, Uber, and the 'Charlie Sheen Effect'
Hey everybody on in the bonds here in New York I'm in ABC newsroom again at Monday. February 22 and bring you the latest story can each get up to speed on. You know what's happening in our world the first story we're gonna turned eighty and we Shapiro's been carping or you may have heard about. And Cooper driver in Michigan charged with. Several shootings commonly. I'm doing today on them that he 080 bringing up to speed and we know that there's over government and now in. Ebert acting appear in court today how are not sure the timing act. And six different shootings. Expect and where cal has not and three separate incidents. And I've won on the hospital's critical condition. Not that. Teenager are not critical condition blog about it he that was one more compelling stories and apart from me that the team that they thought. Was killed right right that first authorities feathers have been picked and we're thinking like that now. More on that ice check out the story online Alleys going to be following it for us yet and you. All right how about this for your seconds are ever gonna turn back because he's Michael Brockman. You've been following all the charges against Bill Cosby he noted today his wife Camille is actually scheduled to be suppose I'm in one of the loss to might now. For the late Hank. Initial introduction is doing. Yet those those are that's why it might. Learn how to rothmans or are they or the real rock and York area. Puzzling about the real close very lake bring your faith that or at and T Rex arms. Okay I'm not copy okay. Camille getting to pose in Springfield mass right now. She her defense team in her legal team tried Q. Block that at numerous times. Last night and named final attempt act got shut down she has to speak on this case. Due to note that this is the case. A defamation lawsuit which separate from the criminal charge that is think it was in Pennsylvania. Problem we expect. I don't expect details on the today that it shall have to talk about. There relationship you can their relationship. Just talk about. If she had any knowledge of the other relationships involved and. And yet there's nothing is right now we got defamation that was brought by having. Yeah they were sexually assaulted by a cost. Yes that is last year and it's worth noting all so he's always deny it of course he actually fired back in the defamation law. With a countersuit. Saying out lead. Then bringing its lawsuit was his reputation. And yet at the but they've America to two years in the news I think. From what we know the first time that she's under speaking about any knowledge that she might have a anything. The idea yet you're calling forests near eighty isn't part of course you remember to check online or bring you more. As he learned and that story as well let's turn now tell you there's something and then you may have heard about the researchers outlet to come up with a raised her and act something that happened recently out there. For more power management to help quarter and joins us here in the Atlantic amen thank them as to what we need to know. Cleveland researchers found. People searching for. Symptoms and church. Talked about. And opted more than 200% increase in her testing and iPod percent increase for. The deal BI's. Up to 12% of people. Don't know they. And we'll go over five years. Ago adding that they went. Relations between the time when you mountains and the positive and people to act and will people searching for action it's definitely a huge impact hoping. To hear our great. And this is where this is an act how and it's coming. Americans. This morning according to our breaking news on health for more on corporate. And online. To check out the story at We cannot do anything without talking about the political operatives who joined airlines human character that we can entries not. How exciting it was there is a lot happening this week. And for more on that we turn it is. I am Ottawa how I am going to I'm good news lots happening this week for so it's. Really busy right out tomorrow that Republicans will caucus in Nevada Zack and parity in the Democrat's vote in South Carolina really all eyes. Are on Super Tuesday were finally hear its next week and that's when can can really get a delegate lead in front. Donald Trump is already leading. All this city to get significantly all fifty delegates and South Carolina over the weekend. Who really eat into Contra unseat Tenkrat Marc Rich in organic and cats had talent that could lead but the question. Kick anyone's trauma trump they're gonna try and thanked her and junky tickers on the race. But that's really the question and what are you watching today if any one story angle you're looking to what I think that's the it's the right now at. That Jeb Bush a marker obviously went up. But to me that question. Is there anywhere need to stop Donald Trump specialists he just keeps on winning easily eating in Nevada he's leading an and many of the temperature is 88 some and bend and happily so. I think that's really. The question for this house is didn't we choose. Remember that it went seventeen people of this is. That's right. All right as a lot happening this week really bringing all that to you tomorrow night remember you can into our live streaming coverage. That cock and beat the Republicans in late night heart to keep these days. We do join us and for more on all of these stories check out For now all of us here I'm on an of in the Iraq.

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{"id":37114333,"title":"Cosby, Uber, and the 'Charlie Sheen Effect'","duration":"6:23","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz gets you up to speed on 3 things to know today.","url":"/US/video/cosby-uber-charlie-sheen-effect-37114333","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}