Couple Murdered in Upscale Tampa Subdivision

Dr. Hector Rivera and his wife Debra were shot to death.
1:21 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for Couple Murdered in Upscale Tampa Subdivision
Right now we have detectives here out at Avalon. They are doing a search of the residence keeping in mind that the residence itself is 111000. Square feet. So it is going to take quite a wow did we go by inches. Might -- what we're doing our investigations that's gonna take quite a while you. We also have the dive team out here. They are -- Anthony Lake and pond in the area looking for any type of evidence may be pertinent case. We also have that deputies that are out here they -- doing grid searches. Walking literally walking. Front yard TD garden looking for any type of physical evidence. It's individuals released the names this morning. Both guys -- the result of gunshot plans. The husband. Actor was found in the front yard. The wife Deborah was found inside that residence and -- that. So I the investigation is continuing its going to be quiet lengthy investigation we have a command post here set -- at the scene. Navigated -- an -- we don't believe that this was a random act we believe that. The person -- specifically to their residence.

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{"id":15332323,"title":"Couple Murdered in Upscale Tampa Subdivision","duration":"1:21","description":"Dr. Hector Rivera and his wife Debra were shot to death.","url":"/US/video/couple-murdered-in-upscale-tampa-subdivision-15332323","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}