Dad Steals Neighbor's Gifts

Florida woman returns gifts after realizing they were taken from a neighbor.
1:27 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for Dad Steals Neighbor's Gifts
This is the average neighborhood and residents are cleaning front yards -- And neighborhood where children. Can play without any worries. That isn't too late yesterday evening Clinton. What. What -- as a resident jasmine -- spent hundreds of dollars on gifts. Prepared to let the little. And we she came home and saw nothing was underneath the tree she thought it was a real. If she went to the kitchen. And realize the window was broken and then she went to a bedroom and saw someone had promised through -- stuff. Yeah. I'm live -- and avoid those -- everything was off line. Meanwhile a woman who lived the -- -- -- had received gifts for her children from their father but she was suspicious. Realizing the man who remains unidentified couldn't afford to buy the gifts. It's sad I mean everybody wants bill provide for their families provide for their children. But you know there's a right -- wrong way to do it. The young mother had heard of the break in and putting two and two together and read -- of the gifts. That he the in a neighborhood folks consider safe and he has complete football. -- says she doesn't feel comfortable that's -- -- from the -- In Gainesville -- -- for ABC news.

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{"id":15214258,"title":"Dad Steals Neighbor's Gifts","duration":"1:27","description":"Florida woman returns gifts after realizing they were taken from a neighbor.","url":"/US/video/dad-steals-neighbors-christmas-gifts-15214258","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}