DC Police Chief Confirms 12 Dead From Navy Yard Shooting

Cathy Lanier credits heroic police officers who helped to reduce number of lives lost in gunfire.
9:18 | 09/16/13

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Transcript for DC Police Chief Confirms 12 Dead From Navy Yard Shooting
This is a special report from ABC news. Digital special reports and right now. The mayor of Washington DC and the police -- holding a press conference on that shooting and the navy yard where few people were shot and killed. Let's listen. That -- wouldn't do. We did not have a definite number I'm still working on -- definite number mentality is. At this hour it appears that we have at least twelve. -- We're continuing to try to ascertain. How serious this situation is. He doesn't get much more serious and obviously. One of the officers with a much problem police department is injured. He appears to be. Fine as far as we know. We have no known motive. At this stage there were people who -- -- -- this as a terrorist event. We don't have any reason to think that at this stage engine in that investigation try to determines. What the the motive is. We also don't know certain whether -- -- -- been -- other people in the building at that time. We're continuing to engage in that investigation. And we'll have better information on that. Later in the afternoon. We will rebuild back here -- Back to another press briefing at 4 o'clock. But now let me ask you news you come up about some more detailed information some musicians. And up first that's not. AM. And as far as initial response here this morning. You've heard it we have at least one officer -- gunshot wounds that is. Currently being treated that the average -- -- Uniformed police officers from both backed companies Carmen and United States park police was absolutely nothing short of -- -- With at least twelve confirmed. Dead at this point I think -- actions by the police officers without question. -- two. To reduce the number of -- as long -- our hearts go out to the families. I'm certainly all the victims here but our gratitude to the front line officers have been -- police department. And also United States park police to granted -- this morning to try and. Reduce the number of victims -- -- from the top and go through quickly. Right now where confirming at least twelve fatalities. We had a few additional votes were injured they were not fatally injured. We have additional officers that were injured. Only one injured by gunfire this point some other injury sustained. -- multiple different -- agencies on the large response. Inside. We are officially now transitioning to an FBI lead. The FBI will lead the investigation the entire investigation -- -- processed and handled as a unified. Process. But -- that said any additional information that anybody might have that they want to share for the investigation you can call 1800. Paul FBI 1800 call FBI. And a slight update on the look out for -- potentially two additional. Individuals involved in the shooting. The first as four -- the white male between forty and fifty years of age. Not wearing. Wearing -- can you have that white male wearing a can. What appears to be military uniform consistent -- Naval uniform and a beret style -- We also have a look out for a black male between the ages of forty and fifty an -- military style uniform. He is of about profit five foot ten -- 180 pounds. Median -- complexion. With gray sideburns. Graying sideburns. We have no indication of any motive at this time. We are updating and asking for a family members traveling a lot -- have cell continent contact -- members that you're looking more. Not contacting your family members that may have been -- the navy yard today. In CIS has passed that was a phone number now for reunification. That numbers -- zero to. 4336151. A secondary number and 024339713. Right now we have an impact the area obviously a large broad areas still locked -- we're still asking residents to stay at the area and remaining -- com. We do feel like the area's state when he's not an active search for a potentially additional suspects right now -- -- -- -- a leader right. As -- -- in the area. Again there's multiple agencies here we've got word from a lot of our counterparts in the region. Maryland and Virginia. The federal agency here in Washington DC. There are very very few questions that we can answer at this point. Still a lot of average -- -- will be doing another update into -- cars and -- at this point we would take a limited number of questions we would ask please steer patients. And an apple -- government passionately and -- and since. -- asked people to stay out of the area around the navy yard. We have sent out text alerts to the residents around the area asking them please stay at this area at this time and -- send out an additional -- They are why you believe there were two additional potential shooters did they engaged the officers are what they see. -- behind this happened. That the question is why -- we believe there's two additional suspects right now we have multiple pieces of information that would suggest that we have. At least two other individuals that -- -- -- firearms. We now about those individuals were wearing military style uniforms -- did not mean that we do not know if they are actually military employees. But these -- -- that we really are. Believe that are involved in some way we're trying to locate isn't really about certainly I don't let me. I can't say anything at this point I can't comment on anything related anything evidence during -- right now I'll take two more questions. Out of Tulsa there's a government witness -- your -- I'm not -- comment -- that we have reasonably of these people may be involved -- we -- to talk about. And the victims and more than when Billy Martin. I'll say is we are still doing an expensive stars -- the large base we've got multiple agencies of multiple teams. Remainder of the -- but take another couple of hours now -- not comment on the location of any evidence -- that night that. What I'd say the next two hours we -- our next update. -- about their next meeting will be at 200 high street. But doesn't use that we're not here in the middle of the street one of -- area so. Next that -- will be in two hours 200 -- street and we -- Trying to answer more questions then if we can. Right and hope that the suspects and -- of the and. That is the latest from Washington DC as we have now just heard from the DC police there in that briefing that the FBI has not taken the lead. In the investigation of that shooting that happened at the navy yard base and just about 20 minutes after 8 o'clock this morning. Of the updated information that we did learn. Is that there are now at least twelve fatalities. From that shooting at the navy yards this morning that facility where about 3000. People work. As we've been hearing it is still on a very active search basis. That there are parts of the navy yard and the surrounding areas that are still on lockdown and as we just heard there that there is still the potential for two other shooters. Possibly involved in this shooting in the description two men one a white male. As described as wearing a -- military style uniform and the other a black male between forty and fifty years old wearing an olive military style uniform. They did not say exactly whether or not they believe either one of those men the potential look out if they are members of the military but simply that they were dressed in military style clothing. And when asked by reporter why there is the belief that their potentially could be those two other shooters. You just heard that from the news conference in fact that they were two men that were seen on the scene. With firearms. And that is what is causing that search to continue one in Washington DC but again the latest information that have been coming out there from that news conference is that. -- -- -- -- We're -- shot and killed from that early morning shooting just as a rush hours begin in Washington DC. We have a complete report on abcnews.com. As police are continuing to comb through that area and parts of which are still on lockdown. And we will in -- and bring you live news conferences the next of which will be held at 4 o'clock. With any new information as that warrants for now I'm Dan -- in New York with the CBC news digital special report. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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{"id":20272359,"title":"DC Police Chief Confirms 12 Dead From Navy Yard Shooting","duration":"9:18","description":"Cathy Lanier credits heroic police officers who helped to reduce number of lives lost in gunfire. ","url":"/US/video/dc-police-chief-confirms-12-dead-navy-yard-20272359","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}