DCPD Chief: 'Comfortable We Have Sole Person Responsible for Shooting'

Cathy Lanier adds investigation will continue for anyone in connection to Navy Yard shooting.
18:34 | 09/16/13

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Transcript for DCPD Chief: 'Comfortable We Have Sole Person Responsible for Shooting'
Good evening erratic. Many of -- have been with us now throughout today and we will follow the same order of her her presentation that we did -- -- -- be followed by chief Lanier. Who will be followed by. B. And Washington director and then. Chief chambers and -- was one Norton. We don't have a great deal of new information. And to present to you. And this point. I think we mentioned earlier that we have ruled out. One of the suspects. Being no longer a suspect. We've continued to pursue. The possibility of there being another shooter we don't have any. Evidence any indication at this stage that there -- -- yet another shooter. Even though we haven't completely rule that out that was a person as you probably will recall who was. Identified as wearing a -- And -- of drab uniform some money. Portrayed as being around fifty years of age. Around 510. With graying sideburns we've not a Democrat that person. Nor do we have a lot of corroborating. Evidence and Valerie we'll talk a little bit about two when she comes up. We don't know what the motive is stage who asked earlier if there was likely terrorism evolves we have no indication of that and we have ruled that -- we'll continue to. Investigate that. We know that there are thirteen fatalities. Including. The shooter. Who. Perished. Today. We did we do have more information now on the -- is -- ages are. 46 years of age to 73. Eight years of age. And the families now are still in the process of being notified seven families have been notified. And the process continues to notify the at the six. We don't know exactly when that process will be complete it but it is continuing. Now as we speak. Obama also want to update the issue around injuries we didn't have precise numbers early -- -- using estimates. We now know that there are eight. People who incurred 10 another kind. Injury. 83 were shot. They all are and that includes offices Scott Williams who. Chief Lanier just went to visit early this evening. Who is and doing well is in great spirits. There -- two other. Civilians. Who were shot and they are relatively minor. Injuries. The other five injuries. -- range anywhere from. You know stress reaction to. Someone who fell -- -- -- head injury a contusion to the chest arm abrasions and chest pain. So again a total of eight injuries people who were hospitalized as a result of those and there's absolutely no reason to think that they won't be trying. One -- formed before -- turn it over to our chief Lanier. We anticipate tomorrow morning that the traffic patterns will be back to normal in this city all the bridges will be open. All of the streets in the area of the navy yard will be open. Even as the investigation. Of course will be continuing tomorrow and the days. Ahead. Again we've been in close contact with. The White House. They've been in close contact with us -- the president has. Reached out his staff and the president through. Them. Reached out two connect -- -- this process is unfolded throughout today. So again. This is a horrific tragedy. I want to thank all the first responders who have done such an extraordinary job dealing with this horrific tragedy. Are of course. Police officers in the various law enforcement agencies -- have done a sterling job. And I want to especially thank fire and Emergency Medical Services. For the work that they've done today as well. They had obviously many transports that they had to make and they did an extraordinary job doing that. And she -- to -- where you -- want to thank you for the work that you did today. In order to be able to -- that important responsibility. So that having been said let me ask chief Lanier to come up and share some things with -- chief. Pick up -- and AM and I thought I can't say enough amounts. The first responders. All the training exercising in the daily -- -- -- we have here west. More than thirty law enforcement agencies of some type and the district. The teamwork as we hear story after story and them having -- on the scene and listening to transmissions. Throughout the course of the day. Tony for years doing this in the city. Very proud of the teamwork. The ability to quickly pull together -- teams of law enforcement. Barack efforts. You nicest park police working with metropolitan police department. Quickly entering the building along with security from. Navy yard. As well as support from our partners quickly brought -- mutual -- -- state. Park police helicopter as well as well as Fairfax. To see three different jurisdictions on seeing less then 45 minutes to coordinate emergency response. -- -- fire emergency medical. Support from primarily sprint store discount -- and through DC -- -- Two. -- support Brian through United States park police and their medevac. Just incredible work United States Marshals Service. And airing buildings with tears of MPV. Also and CIA asked to assist in picking up and caring and injure police officer out of the building. -- story after story. We've heard. From police officers and firefighters and emergency medical -- Terrific responses thank you for all of the local land -- partners that are regional partners who responded. -- -- -- transit as well. The special recognition they really stepped up. Today to help us get large numbers of victims and survivors to various places that we needed can transport witnesses. Never had -- attorney support -- always there to provide. What we need is so mom we really appreciate the work from. Metro transit. As as of right now with the last outstanding look out that we had for the potential last person connected to the deceased shooter. That was look out we put out for a black male between the ages of forty -- fifty and olive drab uniform. -- we had multiple witness accounts that we were sorting through. We have now exhaust all means. That we have available. To either support or discount that look out and we are comfortable at this point to lift. The shelter in place to the residents of the neighborhood thank them first of all residents and businesses for supporting us and sheltering in place her. An extended period of time that we feel comfortable right now that we've exhausted all means to eliminate. That possible last suspects so we do now feel comfortable that we have the single and -- Person responsible for the loss of life -- -- of the base today. If anything changes as we containing a form we certainly will make that available to the public but. Again we are lifting the shelter in place and we appreciate the support from our community members we will most likely have all traffic closures around. The area opened by a 5 AM for morning commute we will make sure that has put out for the public in advance so please. -- durable unease many of of we've come and for work in the morning. And as -- right now we have as we go through finalizing Nestor Canada vacations. We have identified. One. DC residents so far there are among the victims. So. -- terms of our. Operation in our local community our hearts go out to all of the victims certainly. Com and at least one of are victims now we haven't confirmed as a DC resident. At this point we don't have anything to support that -- victims so far notified our active duty military. We have civilian and contractors. So far -- -- and a -- we still have some are given no active duty military have been notified. Amongst the victims at this point. So what that I alternate Aaron two. These -- standard and FBI about -- -- and let her update you on their investigation. Good evening as we have stated this continues to be a merry. Active investigation. The FBI's evidence response teams. Continue to process the shooting saints. These teams have special capabilities. To include a bullet trajectory analysis and crime scene -- and -- we also continue to follow every lead related to the shootings to include piecing together the movement and activities of Aaron locks us. -- -- learn some information about as a recent whereabouts. We continue to work to determine what areas ban. Korea's -- -- and bloodiest Don. This includes determining the origins of the weapons he used. But because this investigation still continues -- will not comment further on the -- and used and today shooting. We can confirm however that master Alexis had legitimate access to the navy yard. As a result of -- war as a contractor. And a utilized a -- plant valid paths to gain entry to the navy yard. We continue to work to identify and locate additional wet -- us. To today's events and any individuals who have may have information about natural access. We appreciate the information provided -- far by the public. And we continue to ask for -- an all information. Related to -- -- access and today's tragic events. Please report -- information by calling 1800. Call FBI. That's 1802255324. And -- -- the public for your cooperation. And will continue to update you. On this investigation. As a per us us like it. -- simply from the United States park police she heard chief Lanier talk about team. We were part of that team this morning we now have a more subordinate role but we commit to her in two assistant director parlay than the mayor -- We will provide whatever resources. Available and appropriate to help complete this investigation thank you. Well thank you mr. mayor for for bringing us to dissent from last. Report. To this city into the region. As as as in the beginning -- first thoughts tonight are with. The victims and their families and and they will also be our first thoughts tomorrow when congress. Reconvenes and -- -- on the floor to -- moments of silence. But -- we're not going to be silent about the tragedy that occurred here today. There are many outstanding questions I would -- -- of the questions are outstanding. Four and many of us in this city is who have been plagued by gun violence. Among them. Is how. As someone whatever his advantage. Managed to get a high powered. And gun. In 21 and most secure facilities. In the District of Columbia I'm sure the navy will be doing its own investigation. Tomorrow I will be working with -- this. To getting an independent investigation. Of what occurred here. I'm very very proud. And very grateful for the federal and the DC police some who -- responded so. Promptly. And they hand. May aid the District of Columbia since 9/11. The most protected and the most secure. City in the United States but we do not fool ourselves. We understand that in an open and democratic and free society. You cannot make yourselves impenetrable especially when they are more guns. Then there are people in the United States today. We take very seriously. When security at one of our most secure facilities is penetrated. And where the security is breached. But we also we guarded naval sea system. Five command. And is and neighbor. And part of this -- residential mixed use. Neighborhood and we like it that way. I appreciate continued to appreciate the -- banquet room they day -- that they could accommodate residents. And I'll be working with the navy and they -- -- -- system to enable IC system. Command to maintain the relationship with the neighborhood. While shoring up -- security. Here. In the neighborhood and at the facility thank you very much. All right within a few questions. -- -- still quite -- -- work -- to do inside processing the scene and it expects them to be there for the next couple days finishing up. It took us awhile to clear the Nolan when our tactical teams and they haven't actually done and there are enough long process and -- -- on saints. -- it's you know 48 hours when. -- I believe most of that people who -- -- live have been cleared from the name here. We have no information right now -- -- -- of. The there is. That's part of an ongoing investigation and I can't count on on -- -- Now we are process saying vehicle up the chain related to the shooting. And we we do have -- one Highland Park police officer went. Injuries not a gunshot injury but and other related injuries to the incidents. I we we do have at least one. -- contract -- -- -- security working with. Naval district Washington and route will confirm that as we have permanently into -- -- He's in very good spirits as badly -- here. Parents Brothers and sisters. He's been on department. 23 -- -- -- for years in fact came on right about time -- did so we've we've worked together for many many years. Is canine officer. He's in -- its -- he's got pretty serious injury. But right now his family's here Wear them and I'm using this bears the mayor was out. Visiting -- them as well and he was it's certainly very complimentary the partner agencies who helped to. Can't -- building and -- RMS and helped get him. Medical attention they need and so he's. Just very grateful for her for all the other responders and that helped get him out of that building get him. Can't -- the -- potentially -- -- great police officer I'm Jennifer. Most of the -- three years and not his best on record. Plot obviously them on the more information that we can put out as time goes on but we always err on the side of caution. Through conglomeration of witness victim interviews. Some camera views. There was potential. That there could have been other issues involved and we believe that the best action for us to take -- to make -- community was safe first. And we -- through that information. Secondly. We certainly want to clear that community as quickly as possible -- we rather err on the side of caution so we did that and now we have spent the last. Several hours trying to go through everything possible to make sure that we -- one -- and comfortable that we had cleared all that information. -- it out as quickly as possible so. Again sometimes we have asked for a little bit of patients from our communion that our goals to measure is safe and then there's no additional harm. And that's our -- no additional harm once -- -- on the scene. -- -- Now they'll be a press release and has put out following this an anti bullying that is -- completed so. Those. Victims and identified two confirming Mexicana notified we'll release that following this. Press briefing. Lives here with us so we hand out and then as additional must repent and -- will put out the remainder. Thank you all very much.

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{"id":20275349,"title":"DCPD Chief: 'Comfortable We Have Sole Person Responsible for Shooting'","duration":"18:34","description":"Cathy Lanier adds investigation will continue for anyone in connection to Navy Yard shooting. ","url":"/US/video/dcpd-chief-comfortable-sole-person-responsible-shooting-20275349","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}