1 dead, 22 people injured after car plows into pedestrians in Times Square

ABC News' Charli James reports from Times Square.
5:20 | 05/18/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 1 dead, 22 people injured after car plows into pedestrians in Times Square
I'm Charlie and watching ABC news it's not we are here right now in Times Square just one block. From where earlier today. I car. Hit. A number of people killing one. Right down the street here we're just gotten a little bit more information. From New York City mayor Bill Lockyer and the police commissioner here on. What exactly happens I want to get used some updated information now they stress to that this is preliminary and our nation and as we know in these cases. Things off and change and change quickly but as a right now here is. What we know the arbitrator is a Bronx. Man named Richard broke he's 26 years old. Heat. Jumped the curb onto the sidewalk mounted the sidewalk at 42 street on seventh avenue if you look behind here. Across that's the street seventh avenue right there. Worries you AT&T and that is the street heat turned onto the sidewalk killing Norris. And drove from 42 to 45 striking 23. Keep all. With his 2009 Honda four. Now one of those people we now is an eighteen year old. Young lady who lost her life her sister was also at. By her sister is one of the Chinese people. We were injured we've been told that four of those people are critically injured but they are expected to it. So you see that the crowd here of rests this is where the press conference. Was just tells. It's very surreal to see this intersection Times Square nicknamed crossroads of the world brought to a halt like that's. Generally at this time today there it be. Tourists and employees in the buildings around there and cars and all kinds of traffic apple cart traffic and foot traffic in this area. But right now it is just. Brass and and police and fire personnel. Who are keeping that C in. We hear more. The time. We have also been told by the mayor that there is no indication that there is any sort of terror is up. At play here in this doesn't hear. To be a person who was driving under the influence. W I little more info about him I think that the port 26 there'll. Richard realm costs we know that it was a Bronx Nate and now that he hasn't criminal history this would not even first time that he. And arrested war driving while intoxicated. WI. The mayor also mentioned that he is a former member of the armed services. Another T tail that we learn about camp. It's. So it's believed that this it was an accident. Involved in driving under the influence. Flags 23 people's rocked today in the middle of one of them are busy intersection in the world. Definitely had the city on and it's immediately that a walk through one more time. What the mayor just gave us as far as the timeline the seventh avenue the street. Right up here he would have turned up forty seconds Evans so this street right here where you're seeing a seventh between 42 and 43. So you would have mounted the sidewalk and driven on the sidewalk here. Up to 45. Street where he crashed the vehicle. You may have seen in the pictures where the car was up on top of some of those silver cylinder. Eric and it's where the vehicle stopped we also know then that he did try to slightly. He tried to leave the Vietnam. And tried to flee from police was an outbreak and at the works here to support New Yorkers that this wasn't terrorists once and appear not to be true but of course still a great tragedy. New York City mayor of ideas that but that's when he read people and their handling. That point three people wearing. Struck today. Including that one young lady we know she's eighteen years all of that we at this point to not know. Her name. So that is this is what the scene looks like right now in times where it's definitely. Day surreal image. See all of the age. That advertisements. All of the me on still on and so dying at its regular day. But a lot of the subway entrances including one you see right here are close Times Square. The station is still open but they have closed off some of those subway. Entrances and exits. To ensure that people are staying out of this area. Of course. As the mayor said this is preliminary information and we will be keeping you updated here on eight stitches golf and across. Platform on its thesis statement that's you learn. The latest about this terrible tragedy in times where it. Thanks for tuning and I'm tracking.

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{"id":47493887,"title":"1 dead, 22 people injured after car plows into pedestrians in Times Square","duration":"5:20","description":"ABC News' Charli James reports from Times Square.","url":"/US/video/dead-22-people-injured-car-plows-pedestrians-times-47493887","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}