Deer Trapped in Canal Pulled to Safety

California rescue personnel save frightened deer from unusual predicament.
1:38 | 02/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deer Trapped in Canal Pulled to Safety
The -- reader and -- -- blew this thing that figured. Only if needed saving and fast Rihanna -- a male deer that ended up in a -- -- canal. Because they like -- It's gonna be rough he's been in here quite -- while the large pretty cold river north -- It's not easy sneaking up on a -- even one trapped in the canal but if they could just -- a rope around its antlers. Hold on it all the big idea right now -- we have a boat that's and route pretty close as we can with the the deer had been in the water for more than and other struggling to swim against the cold current -- With the help state fish and game. The deer less -- on the first attempt. And just in time the animal clearly exhausted as -- was pulled to the banks of the canal. General hold their breath as we're watching -- and fortunately his head went under a couple times. Okay. The deer didn't political play it didn't need to it was in the best of it. The only injuries it's -- scraped raw in the struggle to escape the canal. Slaves bound together. It was taken to woods near the American river and set for. For emergency responders -- to rescue people and any life. Is one worth sick.

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{"id":15543200,"title":"Deer Trapped in Canal Pulled to Safety","duration":"1:38","description":"California rescue personnel save frightened deer from unusual predicament.","url":"/US/video/deer-trapped-canal-pulled-safety-15543200","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}