Deported Teen Returning From Colombia

Runaway Jakadrien Turner, 15, was mistaken for an illegal immigrant.
1:40 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Deported Teen Returning From Colombia
-- turner is still trying to catch her breath. This is a -- you won't -- -- I'm just means that Thursday night -- -- popped up on -- caller ID it was the answer to a prayer. The Colombian government said it would hand over Turner's granddaughter educate -- and to the US embassy on Friday. Our food news you know it was worth -- my wrinkles on the -- than. Pace that -- -- any -- now but that's all right if he. Misspoke. Educate -- Turner's story is a bizarre one she ran away former oak cliff home a year and a half ago ended up in Houston. Got arrested for shoplifting there and lie and said she was from Columbia. -- without a thorough check. The US deported a fifteen year old runaway last actors -- determined grandmother Dallas -- -- her granddaughter in South America and alerted police who. I'm not -- I don't know. And -- late Wednesday. Thursday night Colombia issued its own statement saying quote. She told US magistrate she was a Colombian citizen -- the -- the Colombian consulate in Houston. Expedited a temporary passport -- suggesting citizenship. Once she arrived we initiated a search for her family in the meantime we -- a psychological evaluation then put her to work -- a call senator. -- Adrian even posted -- job on her FaceBook page. Her reasons for running -- remain a mystery but that's saga is -- -- -- Because of a grandmother who refuse to give up when -- --

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{"id":15305486,"title":"Deported Teen Returning From Colombia","duration":"1:40","description":"Runaway Jakadrien Turner, 15, was mistaken for an illegal immigrant.","url":"/US/video/deported-teen-returning-colombia-15305486","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}