Disabled Adults Found Chained

Four mentally disabled people were found chained to a boiler in Philadelphia.
1:24 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Disabled Adults Found Chained
This maintenance man was the one -- noticed something was amiss when He heard dogs barking inside a locked in chains sub basement boiler room. Here at 4724. Long shore avenue yesterday morning. He called police. Inside the fifteen by fifteen foot room they found four -- mentally challenged adults three men and a woman ranging in age from 29 to 41. The 41 year old man had been changed by the ankle to the boiler -- -- again at the and there are house -- The -- were taken to the hospital for treatment of malnutrition in bed sores. When you look at the conditions. Under which they were -- I mean it's just something out of a dungeon -- and to know that she would take advantage of a fellow human being like this just simply make you -- By last night police said three suspects in custody facing charges including aggravated assault and kidnapping. There are fifty year old woman believed to be the ringleader in a plot to get the victims disability checks. Along with a 51 year old man from Texas and a 48 year old man from Philadelphia. Because other mental challenges the victims haven't been able to shed much light on their situation but police believe they may have been taken from Texas. Through Florida and then appears to coney they may have been in that basement for up to a week. These people were stored. Like. Surplus mean this in the basement.

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{"id":14752387,"title":"Disabled Adults Found Chained","duration":"1:24","description":"Four mentally disabled people were found chained to a boiler in Philadelphia.","url":"/US/video/disabled-adults-found-locked-in-basement-14752387","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}