DNA Evidence Leads To Arrest in Decades Old Case

Officials get a positive match in unsolved murder of 15-year-old teen.
3:00 | 09/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DNA Evidence Leads To Arrest in Decades Old Case
-- thirtieth 1980 Stacy at -- -- mother came home from work and founder oldest daughter murdered in -- south. Police took and properly -- DNA evidence from the crime -- Where they believe the fifteen year old was beaten stabbed and sexually assault. For decades -- detectives notified the family -- new -- like the recent match in the combined DNA index system. Noticed noticed this week officers called to confirm that they had taken Thomas young at Fairfield Alabama. Into custody -- Yours is totally -- times it. They might have a suspect in this but they've never panned out so I was kind of hesitant about the phone clothes that it was going to be better. News yesterday young unwittingly agreed to come to the sheriff's office in Jefferson County Alabama to file a formal complaint he had made against an officer. When he arrived Oxnard police were waiting detectives at work the case from 1980s does that they that they will ever forget. Com so it was a big relief for them. Very satisfying it's what -- sign up for wound we that the bad John -- -- father says he did not know young. Young was booked into jail in Birmingham where is awaiting extradition to face murder charges in picture county there -- loses over. It's a long way justice justice -- memories of the -- Lehigh student are very much alive. -- -- done. By edition girl's. Grown up caught between known child and a woman. What's important to -- live there.

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{"id":17190547,"title":"DNA Evidence Leads To Arrest in Decades Old Case","duration":"3:00","description":"Officials get a positive match in unsolved murder of 15-year-old teen.","url":"/US/video/dna-evidence-leads-arrest-decades-case-17190547","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}