Dog, Once Abused, Becomes Life-Saving Blood Donor

Oklahoma boxer's valuable universal-type blood is drawn every few months to help other canines.
3:00 | 11/13/12

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Transcript for Dog, Once Abused, Becomes Life-Saving Blood Donor
Started out at twelve -- an hour. -- -- PD. It's never really a good thing. This is where it. Wind during the life saving operation one of your organs makes the doctors gassed -- huge. Huge huge normally the size of a deck of cards this -- is four times. And scorched with a large amount of the patient's blood this is where you know have in the blood on hand -- Winston's blog that sort of thing is ski. That's right Winston is the name of the blood donor. Something not normally reveals. But Winston is that -- normal blood donor they call -- when they need it Winston's -- so proud as can be. Of her boxer -- Boxers are the universal blood donors and they are also apparently. Allergic the media this. But other than that he's healthy as a horse. Running -- ran outside with the pretending he's a shark -- the trampling. Grabbing on to a rope with his wife Libby -- and -- They expect they take to each other and -- the kids married then pay if you're gonna showered together you better be mayor. It's the kind of life every life saving dog deserves. It's the kind of life a dog that had his life saved appreciates. The doctors I guess this -- and felt like he had asked that poured on him or something this is what Winston looked like when they first got it. Seriously wounded starving. In fact it took -- in our senate to clean -- -- You know the -- is very site -- -- The potential damage to his -- scared mom and dad and I thought for a little while we might have. You know. Taken back. But it sure is his scars healed his personality turned out to be all -- well except as certain boys he doesn't like. Meehan has -- command. Now. Did. It wouldn't -- boy what he doesn't seem to mind just that there's some saying he's having -- huge needle plunged into his jugular that every few months to donate he's doing very very well dogs and cats need blood just that we -- an emergency situations this is not normal situation that would be faced. By New York he named Barkley is a wedding -- we have for -- and a happier blood pressure should stay pretty stable. His malfunctioning spleen had to be removed. -- -- And with it most of his blood. Now it's gonna have a little bit a -- blood and felt. I'll be in good to see if it a few things you little tougher now this boy out -- the answer. Seen in his driver's seat position as he left the clinic. -- and go home. In Winston the brutality and chaos of his past behind him. Now enjoys a life of peace and quiet. You know. Figuratively speaking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":17711756,"title":"Dog, Once Abused, Becomes Life-Saving Blood Donor","duration":"3:00","description":"Oklahoma boxer's valuable universal-type blood is drawn every few months to help other canines.","url":"/US/video/dog-abused-life-saving-blood-donor-17711756","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}