Drew Peterson Guilty: Kathleen Savio's Family Reacts

The murdered woman's mother and brother react to guilty verdict for Drew Peterson.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drew Peterson Guilty: Kathleen Savio's Family Reacts
I'll never have my sister does let -- -- in the -- let. Police acknowledge god justice as -- could probably get up there. Payment -- harm -- break your heart for that matter could take someone's life from them but that person -- live with himself. And they're conscious for what they had done to another human being. You cannot harm others justify yourself as a victim. It -- strangely but everyone gets -- payback for what they have done to others and this is always. -- -- we will stand by. The -- family -- -- thankful at this they have finally come and that kept it is finally see justice. It has been very very good month -- -- -- We wish and pray that. At least -- never forget their mom. And that with all the tragedy they have had face such young ages. They live healthy fruitful and successful lights we wish them well always. There is justice here but also tragedy here for Kathleen most of all for everyone look at -- family. Members and her friends although we cannot have camping back -- -- you can now rest in peace. In his you don't hit editor at her day. -- justice finally has been served. We all love her and will never forget her. She will be mr. remembered and in our hearts always Stacey you are now the next justice. Finally somebody -- the -- write twelve people did the right thing all they. We're gonna go seeking the Atlantic and all but do you love it do you want -- -- it every victory and god. King does not have to get thousands dead let them read knit and that they actually. I don't.

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{"id":17174011,"title":"Drew Peterson Guilty: Kathleen Savio's Family Reacts","duration":"3:00","description":"The murdered woman's mother and brother react to guilty verdict for Drew Peterson.","url":"/US/video/drew-peterson-guilty-kathleen-savios-family-reacts-17174011","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}