Drones Used as a Journalist's Tool

University of Missouri Journalism School offers course in using drones to report stories.
1:34 | 03/21/13

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Transcript for Drones Used as a Journalist's Tool
Okay. We're kind of under pressure to prove that it. There's a viable. Tool you can use for journalism both the pressure to not crash the thing and the pressure to get good footage. This kind of nerve racking. Having that second -- Really does help he sort of directed where I needed to go. And I I'm I'm simply at the controls. Making sure that things -- crash. And is in his where it needs to. And. Investors are saying I didn't really go that far I just I just try to get its highest possible to maybe get a panoramic -- on them. On the -- and and it's simply didn't get much higher didn't. -- I was. -- but I -- I'm excited to see. -- I'm excited to see what kind of moving -- -- -- gather and that sort of opens the door for more exciting dynamic story options and more stories that would be harder to get -- there for the public may not be able to see -- often.

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{"id":18784784,"title":"Drones Used as a Journalist's Tool","duration":"1:34","description":"University of Missouri Journalism School offers course in using drones to report stories.","url":"/US/video/drones-journalists-tool-18784784","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}