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Drunk Woman's Frightening Fall

British police release video of a woman's terrifying tumble at a train station.
0:33 | 12/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drunk Woman's Frightening Fall
Drink and drive we know is the motto for holiday parties but it also applies apparently taking the train when -- -- too drunk. To just even stand up on the platform British police have released this video of a woman. Under the influence. She steps off of a train and then stumbles backward falling into the gap between the train and the platform other passengers. We're out there quickly they rushed to her -- so this woman suffered just minor injury also think haven't I mean thank a veteran center move -- now all my numbness.

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{"id":15212057,"title":"Drunk Woman's Frightening Fall","duration":"0:33","description":"British police release video of a woman's terrifying tumble at a train station.","url":"/US/video/drunk-woman-falls-on-train-tracks-15212057","section":"US","mediaType":"Default"}