Drunken Man Calls 911 for Beer Run

Allen Brooks of Tennessee says he accidentally called 911 in his quest to get beer.
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Transcript for Drunken Man Calls 911 for Beer Run
Our guys that you don't have ascent and RVs and -- illustrate. Well I was -- vehicle -- leave it. And dispatchers at -- -- county 911 center are trained to handle a lot of situations that some of the calls they answer are anything but emergencies. There has been everything from you can you bring me up Pepsi -- and our. Because I have indigestion and shave my Chia pet -- And then there's this one. You didn't look ready to vote won't -- -- can still work. Well what don't amount to her look -- who live via. Yeah. Okay are -- the Torrington Q the year. Ago. Now you've got 911. Police say the man used a cell phone to call 911 not once not twice but several times in the end he didn't get a ride to get -- But he did get a ride to jail. The caller is 67 year old Alan Brookes he was charged with making aggravated 911 calls in -- non emergency situation. When asked by police if he'd been drinking Saturday Brooks admitted a little he told us the calls were an accident and he was trying to reach your friend and. -- news does it. Home -- mean. Drunk dialing 911 from beer may sound funny but assistant director Susan Mitchell says it's serious stuff. And this sort of thing happens all the time. Thanks people that UK India answering a call for somebody who is and travel or having our life or death. Situation if there's a lesson to be learned instead of don't drink and drive down drank and comment on one. A mistake Brooks says he won't make again. Lori Mitchell Nashville's news two.

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{"id":16951526,"title":"Drunken Man Calls 911 for Beer Run","duration":"3:00","description":"Allen Brooks of Tennessee says he accidentally called 911 in his quest to get beer.","url":"/US/video/drunken-man-calls-911-beer-run-16951526","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}