Elderly Man Fatally Shoots Elderly Intruder

Hamilton, Ohio, police say the 75-year-old victim had a history of dementia.
1:33 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Elderly Man Fatally Shoots Elderly Intruder
84 year old Charles Foster says it started out as a typical morning at his home in the 2700 block of hill avenue actually heard a loud noise outside its door. He says a man crashed into his garage and then -- with the war he thought for help. But nobody was hurt yourself and I didn't know I didn't they play -- defense this. He came in he -- -- -- -- you're going to break your. I didn't tell -- additionally. Foster says the victim who police have identified as 75 year old -- T Stevens stormed into the house around 9:45 AM for. Broken in the house. But none can look at Madonna -- destroy everything. -- and I couldn't needed to stop I had moments. Millions of it. I got my good -- A close relative of Stevens told me he suffer from dementia he says the shooting victim had a friend that lives next door to Ulster. He believes Stevens -- he was walking into their hall. Foster says Stevens did appear confused. Boys -- totally committed. -- -- completely. Ulster says Stevens followed -- -- into his basement he says he tried to stop him from Terry that model airplanes and other treasures. But he says -- it came after him with a piece of work. Yeah the damage me. But I want to -- it. -- -- -- -- -- I -- in this I think I -- them.

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{"id":15298408,"title":"Elderly Man Fatally Shoots Elderly Intruder","duration":"1:33","description":"Hamilton, Ohio, police say the 75-year-old victim had a history of dementia.","url":"/US/video/elderly-man-fatally-shoots-elderly-intruder-15298408","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}