Electric Shocks Jolt Couple Inside New York Home

Pound Ridge couple blames stray voltage from a faulty electrical substation.
3:00 | 09/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Electric Shocks Jolt Couple Inside New York Home
A shocking situation for one family they are constantly facing electrical shots in their own home. Thanks to a nearby power substation. And they say it's making it uncomfortable and dangerous to lived there. Eleven pound ridge of Westchester County that's where Eyewitness News reporter Joseph Torres is tonight -- Estrada -- and -- Mendelsohn no longer have any pets they don't entertain guests anymore they don't have the grandkids come over why. Because they say that power substation just off the edge of their property leaks voltage and the result they say electrical shocks around the property in the house that a become so frequent and so bad they say. It's time to move out. Somebody's going to die here. This is how bad it is. Millie Mendelssohn and her husband Hal say their pound ridge house -- on livable. They -- voltage leaking from a nearby nice six substation randomly -- then inside their home of 25 years and around their six acre property. -- trying to make repair or ketchup I work hard -- house to -- water. There are times when I just get this electrical shock. And I just -- -- coil. So the 65 year old wears rubber gloves when she -- the dishes 176 year old spouse wears rubber sold shoes outside. They stopped using their -- years ago. And doctor Mendelson a psychiatrist. Abandoned his private practice when the electrical shocks forced him out of his three room cottage which served as his office. Last week the couple filed a lawsuit against the power company just. Take this probably would give it to them make an electric. Electrocuted -- coupon just fire -- you know fire on the property that were -- looking at and paper that. Because of the lawsuit -- said he had no comment other than to say. The safety of our customers and employees is of Paramount importance to us and we comply with the New York State public service commission's rigorous -- -- -- testing and repair requirements. Mendelson says years ago the company installed all -- blockers which work for awhile. But not anymore. Have blockers that block thirty volts of electricity from going onto our property that fail and they say is false alarms. And they have never taken any responsibility for admitting that this stray voltage on the property. The -- home is the home closest to the power substation -- explanation as to why their house more so than the other neighbors. Has been so adversely affected by the voltage by the way. The -- -- they tell -- dates back to 1760. That six acres five bedrooms three and a half bass -- northern Westchester of value here that they pegged at 2.3 million dollars. -- live -- counted tonight I'm Joseph Torres channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":17204449,"title":"Electric Shocks Jolt Couple Inside New York Home","duration":"3:00","description":"Pound Ridge couple blames stray voltage from a faulty electrical substation.","url":"/US/video/electric-shocks-jolt-couple-inside-york-home-17204449","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}