Elizabeth Smart Details Rape Ordeal

Kidnapping victim talks about the night Brian David Mitchell kidnapped her.
1:42 | 12/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Elizabeth Smart Details Rape Ordeal
He kept thanking him just let me go -- and -- listen to me. Elizabeth Smart. Didn't hold back in the Salt Lake City Rotary Club in fact she -- graphic details about hi Brian David Mitchell kidnapped for Hillary could do was scream no. When he. That he. Besides. If you they're screaming again. I was -- instead Mitchell performed a -- wedding ceremony and Elizabeth told the crowd what happened next he went straight from. -- me to reading me enough to that moment. I couldn't -- more worthless. And more degraded. It was the worst -- negative -- What appears Elizabeth is more comfortable sharing her experience it is obvious from the tears -- she kept wiping away. The memories are still painful I think my -- just shut down because. It couldn't. -- just couldn't handle and you guys feeling that comes. Everything that was happening there was this says she woke up that first night to -- to cable -- -- If you share the hopeless feeling that overcame an nine and a half years ago. Everything that was sharply that could potentially cut through mineral have been taken -- -- way out of his reach. Cyanide. This is the end it looks like I am. -- -- does seem to have a purpose in TV news detailed picture. When her audience to understand how bad it was for her and how important she -- About making sure other children don't face similar horse I don't remember -- this highest. I don't want another -- -- witness dot Hudson ABC -- news.

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{"id":15154017,"title":"Elizabeth Smart Details Rape Ordeal","duration":"1:42","description":"Kidnapping victim talks about the night Brian David Mitchell kidnapped her.","url":"/US/video/elizabeth-smart-details-rape-ordeal-15154017","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}