Empire State Building Shooting: Gunman Dead

As many as 4 people are shot at the famous landmark in New York City.
3:00 | 08/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Empire State Building Shooting: Gunman Dead
I want to tell our viewers that what you're looking at right now is video that was. Shot from news copter seven. Earlier on this morning probably about ten -- 15 minutes past 9 o'clock. If you're just joining us I want to recap well and -- -- groups. What what you're seeing now are some shots from news copter 7 right after 9 o'clock right around 9 o'clock actually. The call came many shots fired right out in front of the Empire State Building. A police and emergency crews in the FDNY tell us they were on scene within minutes as you would imagine there are -- number of fire houses and and and the police are all over that area -- responded very quickly. What we have now that they've been able to sort out some of this is. Ten people injured in this shooting doesn't -- all of them were shot we know at least four people were shot we're getting that from police at least four people shot. Ten injured as -- Running away from this scene we're hearing from police that of the at least four people who were shot but what did you just tell me in the in the -- The lower body and the legs area we still don't know how this went down but police do tell us they returned fire. And -- who they believe was a gunman. Earlier on his -- to seven was over they had a man on the ground handcuffed at that time he was most likely shot. And then eventually they covered him up with -- -- so it looks like police returned fire shot and killed. The gunman who was in the area ten people injured at least four shot many of the injuries to the lower body and the legs the people who were shot were taken. Two different hospitals. Bellevue and saint Luke's the gunman who police shot they tell us they shot is still there at the scene obviously covered up.

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{"id":17072240,"title":"Empire State Building Shooting: Gunman Dead","duration":"3:00","description":"As many as 4 people are shot at the famous landmark in New York City.","url":"/US/video/empire-state-building-shooting-2012-initial-video-news-4-shot-new-york-city-landmark-us-17072240","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}