Ex-Gang Member Exonerated in 1993 Murder

John Edward Smith is free after spending 19 years in prison.
3:00 | 09/25/12

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Transcript for Ex-Gang Member Exonerated in 1993 Murder
Tears and smiles were John Edward Smith after nineteen years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit tonight Smith walked the streets a free man. Good days and bad there is it over and stand hopeful and as all of the group cited -- obviously it was. I'm well I'm mad now -- in they element. When an off. Misusing more and more relief. -- -- There was jubilation in the courtroom today Smith that was convicted of first degree murder and attempted murder in connection with a drive by shooting in south LA in 1993. Had that conviction vacated after it was determine the only eyewitness committed perjury trial. It's a drive by unexpected thing bank one -- -- another guy -- the -- -- -- he supposed he was. Believed to did not survive that intrigued by the time -- shot he couldn't breathe and it wasn't until two months later that he made an ID -- -- -- -- -- to guy went to school. Deirdre O'Connor of the nonprofit innocence matters says the surviving gunshot victim was the only eyewitness finally recanted admitting that he never saw who shot him that he was pressured by investigators. I'm happy. We've said. But it had -- any influence in there which you. -- -- -- But that must be sick and she's been calling also seeking feet up at him so -- This a really big day Marc Anthony -- -- selling -- John Edward Smith went to prison at age eighteen now 37 he's focusing on the life left to live. And not the -- -- I'm not bitter -- the -- get me nowhere so and I got to move forward looking forward to doing the most renowned while similar among.

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{"id":17318422,"title":"Ex-Gang Member Exonerated in 1993 Murder","duration":"3:00","description":"John Edward Smith is free after spending 19 years in prison.","url":"/US/video/ex-gang-member-exonerated-in-1993-murder-17318422","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}