National Cathedral: Inside Look At Historic Building

The cathedral was damaged in an earthquake in August; it will reopen next month.
3:48 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for National Cathedral: Inside Look At Historic Building
Repairs to the top of the national cathedral in Washington DC are now under way. The landmark was badly damaged in the earthquake that struck the Virginia area two months ago. ABC cameraman Hank -- camp takes a closer look at the cathedral and just -- take to fix this historic building. On the highest point in Washington DC it's it's one of the most impressive structures in North America. 300 million pounds of stone wood and glass assembled over 83 years held together by gravity and physics. As solid as a national cathedral is the August earthquake -- severe damage to the structure and joining statues. Forcing the nation's spiritual senator clothes for over two months. Time and above all money. Estimated in the tens of millions of dollars is required to restore to its original magnificence. The -- war. Pinnacles of the tower shook pretty badly during the earthquake a lot of damage up there a lot of displaced -- Construction started in 1907. And cost 65 billion dollars all raised from contributions. The price surely would have been in -- hundreds of millions of dollars today. This massive building combines faith with our nation's history. -- recently in this -- knows a cathedral as well as anyone. It's awe inspiring to be in this place because of the people who built -- the conditions under which it was built two world wars in the Great Depression. Spread almost 83 years. While not fully completed until 1990. Many Americans and almost all presidents since 1909 have visited the defeat -- Ronald Reagan attended services here to celebrate his second inauguration. And then years later there was a service to lay him to rest. Gerald -- funeral was held at the cathedral -- so. This is they working church serving the community as well as the country. Beautiful gardens are woven into the grounds stone carvings help keep water stains off the exterior of the church. There are 288. Angels. 112 gargoyles. And one dark pop icon. And inside a changing mosaic. Stained glass from all over the world reflect light into reds blues and greens and pour over the walls and the floor. One window even has extraterrestrial material. In the center of this stained glass window commemorating the Apollo eleven moon landing. A moon rockets part of its structure. And all that light beaming through that 238 stained glass windows reveal hidden symbols. As the sun shifts -- position during the year you may see this symbol in the summer but it will be hidden in the winter. The symbolism here is quite profound. Yet it's very subtle. Our history is woven into the cathedral the -- of a nation is woven into its windows. And the events that have shaped us and the individuals who have propelled us and inspired us are remembered here. And very profound ways in wood glass and stone. We do have very good job of interfaith dialogue here we have services dedicated to peace and reconciliation. Well there are some very controversial figures -- at the time spoke here Martin Luther King for example gave his last Sunday sermon here in 1968 before his assassination. It is more than just stone wood and glass. The nation's spiritual center which helps heal our nation in times of need now needs contributions. He and go to national cathedral dot org to find out how to help. This is -- to soaking up ABC news the Washington National Cathedral.

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{"id":14789832,"title":"National Cathedral: Inside Look At Historic Building ","duration":"3:48","description":"The cathedral was damaged in an earthquake in August; it will reopen next month.","url":"/US/video/exploring-hidden-gems-national-cathedral-14789832","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}