'Fainting Goats' Get Special Visitors

High school students visited Bar T ranch to learn about the fainting goats.
1:27 | 10/22/11

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Transcript for 'Fainting Goats' Get Special Visitors
Importantly it's plain dealing chicken and pigs -- together but how about students in. Louisiana Tech at Plainfield high school students took a trip to study the biology of -- unique breed of goats. It was genetic disorder Carl Titanic. And so they don't need -- if you get a gold they'll become exciting -- if you know. The students tested this -- -- We are everything but who have not to get out of the classroom from computers and -- -- see it firsthand. But He grandchildren live to teach. Students how the -- learn to overcome their condition. They get older and -- -- -- -- here. They will tended to get balance -- not all -- -- -- -- says He looks like this important subject to life. Being in a classroom in a traditional school going to be in a -- going to assist those and we landlord like battered real life situation. It seemed -- goats on YouTube video. Added. To -- himself. Others say it. Noted that the -- lesson of the -- mountain. Angela -- -- -- news.

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{"id":14792552,"title":"'Fainting Goats' Get Special Visitors","duration":"1:27","description":"High school students visited Bar T ranch to learn about the fainting goats.","url":"/US/video/fainting-goats-special-visitors-14792552","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}