Family Arrested for Alleged Abuse of Teen Girl

Wisconsin police say a 15-year-old was tortured and starved by her family.
1:48 | 02/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Family Arrested for Alleged Abuse of Teen Girl
Police say the basement of this house was a -- -- and torture chamber. For 115 year old girl to girl -- -- and bought her. Stepmother had dishonored on the stairs -- skate. Out a window and was looking for help might Vega says he saw her walking down the side of the road. Last Monday. My big said he was driving right along here on -- Powell road when he noticed a young girl wearing what seemed to beat the GM. That's -- Italy cotton detention -- when he looked in his rearview mirror he noticed she was wearing anything on her feet and that's when he decided he need. -- -- -- She had. Little bruises and scrapes and bumps and the contusion on -- Knowles a major bruise -- -- or for that -- so when did that happen. Three members of her family are being held responsible. Last Friday police arrested the girl's father forty year old Chad -- ten. Her stepmother 42 year old Melinda -- -- -- ten. And eighteen year old adult step brother Joshua Tree back. They're expected to face child neglect charges. It's a pending case and we won't be making comments this time. Court documents say that seventy pound girl was locked in the basement without a bathroom. An alarm would sound if she tried to walk -- -- her father and stepmother would force her to eat her own urine and feces. Doctors described it as serial child torture. She was afraid that her step mom's gonna find her she came -- my -- strangers are being a safer place and going home -- that -- was. It's a horror that neighbors cannot comprehend. That depict that came over and told me about. The medica has been locked in the basement and I thought it.

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{"id":15631600,"title":"Family Arrested for Alleged Abuse of Teen Girl","duration":"1:48","description":"Wisconsin police say a 15-year-old was tortured and starved by her family.","url":"/US/video/family-arrested-for-alleged-abuse-of-teen-girl-15631600","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}