Family Dog Wakes Up Before Burial

Scamp was presumed dead after being hit by a car in Yelm, Wash.
1:39 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Family Dog Wakes Up Before Burial
For six year old twins should -- -- woods drawing pictures as much more than just colors and shapes. And lately it's who they draw not what they draw that has them both smiling. -- -- but the colors that surround their world turned dark ten days ago when they lost their newest family member. I was talking not intentionally. Got outside the fence. And next enamored with -- The Finley's eight and a half month old Yorkshire Terrier should -- -- -- scam. Was hit by a car. The crew's gone -- treaty passed away. Paul and his wife had to tell their grandkids. It was real sad to watch some crying in the -- -- -- pictures in we're trying not to key way and -- -- was whose dissent. Paul initially -- camp -- in a blanket and brought -- outside replaced him underneath this wheel barrel to protect him from other animals. But when he came up the next morning to bury -- what he found underneath shocked him -- Anaheim's -- was sitting up a bit dazed and confused but alive. The family immediately rushed in to the vet and wondered how a dog after being hit by a car could survive in such frigid conditions. It was -- a slow down on his body functions. And am. Made his brain to origins well that's -- -- -- -- that's -- -- -- -- -- -- Christmas is about the kids it's about miracles. It's about hope -- family. Is together and it's camps for our family. Making this a Christmas story these kids will treasure for a lifetime. In -- -- John descent below Como for news.

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{"id":15161492,"title":"Family Dog Wakes Up Before Burial","duration":"1:39","description":"Scamp was presumed dead after being hit by a car in Yelm, Wash.","url":"/US/video/family-dog-wakes-up-before-burial-15161492","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}