FBI Searches for Missing Washington Toddler

Sky Metalwala, 2, reportedly vanished after being left in an unlocked car.
1:10 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for FBI Searches for Missing Washington Toddler
-- real is the uncle of two year old Scott -- allow relate to feeling of desperation tonight inside the father's Kirkland home the -- almost -- wait by the phone. So we'll just -- pharmacy. We haven't heard anything from him Tomasson who investigators say both parents are cooperating in hopes of getting their son safely returned. His mother says this is what two year old Scott was wearing when she left him alone in this car in W this morning. In the 2400 block of 112 avenue northeast the mother told W police her two children -- with -- in the car when they ran out of gas. She says she took her four year old daughter with her to get help. The car was reportedly left unlocked when the mother returned about an hour later two year old -- was gone. They feel very confident than they were able to you. And -- -- surrounding area. Where the child might have wandered off. So tonight officers pulled off the search where the mother says she last saw her son our detectives inability at this time -- will be working throughout the night. Following up on some other means. End so. The child has been them.

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{"id":14897312,"title":"FBI Searches for Missing Washington Toddler","duration":"1:10","description":"Sky Metalwala, 2, reportedly vanished after being left in an unlocked car. ","url":"/US/video/fbi-searches-for-missing-washington-toddler-14897312","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}