Florida Casino Closes After Giant Aquarium Leaks

Thousands of gallons of saltwater poured out through a crack in tank at Gulfstream casino.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Casino Closes After Giant Aquarium Leaks
The large crack in sort of pop noise and then the water started. That's now that's pretty thick. It's pretty very thick material never would have thought that the tank -- -- -- -- Right right that we don't know we're still. It's only that a couple days since it broke open so we're still investigating what's going on. The aquarium broke Sunday morning -- the casino was packed with peach -- You can -- the crack that read the entire height of the thirteen. All read about what the casino for -- -- -- thousands of gallons of saltwater which hundreds of electrical slot machines. And that's a risky him. -- salt water kind of it lingers around afterwards that this doesn't drive but. It's all the water starts eroding anything metallic. I can tell you this now is Brady back. Along with all the damage on the second floor. But then -- filter through the first floor. The kind of -- rained down so to speak on two of -- -- So -- the good news spread it through Hager at the facility manager at the casino. Channeled his inner -- burn this statement -- It was only about four feet of water left the stuff drag -- to -- him. -- -- butter knives and we inevitably.

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{"id":17150621,"title":"Florida Casino Closes After Giant Aquarium Leaks","duration":"3:00","description":"Thousands of gallons of saltwater poured out through a crack in tank at Gulfstream casino.","url":"/US/video/florida-casino-closes-giant-aquarium-leaks-17150621","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}